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January 11, 2018


01/11/2018 03:01 PM 


Okay, heres the rules of the game.
Please sign once you have read them! 

1. No one liners, and limited Novellas. I prefer quality over quantitiy.
2. Do not try to control my character. The only exception being if we 'fast travel' it is ok to assume
 that my character travelled to the planned place and time in a fashion that make sense. It does not include assuming she is hit in combat, or that if you make and advance on her and assume she would accept it. Those are things that are up to my discretion as her writer. 
3. No out of character drama. And no taking anything In character personally, be it a disagreement, hatred, or romance. All in character feelings are between your character and Marinette Not us as their writers. 
4. I am over 18, and thus I am ok with mature themes, From horror to romance  and anything in between I am fine with the content. Marinette is not  an adult however, as such she is not going to just jump into bed with anyone. That includes Cat Noir or Adrien. The only way ANY romantic themes will be played out with her is if it makes sense in character... which means developing a relationship with her that involves her being comfortable enough with your character that she is willing to let down her guard and allow romantic situations to take place. 
5. I do not like Liars, or people who ignore all boundaries. That being said, to prove you have read this far include the name of your favorite super hero in your signature. 
6. PATIENCE! PATIENCE PATIENCE. It is an absolute MUST when roleplaying with me. Much like Marinette I enjoy working with my hands, and I keep busy. That means that I do not always have time to reply, even if it says I am on. I often will sign in, Check messages, and forget to sign out. When that happens I don't always reply right away. I take the time to think of my reply if I do not feel immediate inspiration, or do not have the time to write out what I have planned. This sometimes results in my browser saying I am on for hours, when really I just left open a tab.... so Please Do not send repeated. "Hello/ You there/ I replied" messages.. and don't get pissy and block me if I have not replied the same day... I will not appologize for having a life outside of my computer. But I will make sure you are informed ahead of time on what to expect. I will return your patience with my own, and thank you all for understanding. 
7. Have fun! We are all here as an outlet of some sort... A way to let go of real life stress and forget the real world for a while. As such, if you are not having fun please don't feel obligated to keep on with whatever we are doing. Not everyone is compatible when it comes to writing. Not everyone is going to inspire you. I don't expect everyone to like my writing style, or to feel inspired with every reply I give. That is fine. Just please let me know so that there are no mixed signals. And please do not be offended if I inform you of this. It is nothing personal, nor is it anything against your writing style. You simply cannot force inspiration... 

Alright! Thank you for reading this far! I look forward to roleplaying with each of you. Please remember to sign. 

~ Bug out!. 


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