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Finnlay Metrens D&D Character Profile
Category: Resources

Name: Finnlay Mertens

Age: 18

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 158 lbs

Race: Human

Blood Type: A

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Nicknames/aliases: Finn, Finny (By his mother and sister, and occasionally Sylyrka), Finny Boy Farm Boy (By Sylyrka and several other), Finn Braveheart (By Stongan)

Alignment: Good

Appearance: Finnlay is a young man of medium stature, fair skin, blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He has a lean build with some muscle, possibly from both training and his time working on the farm with his family. His physique gets better after the training from Stongan, gaining a fair amount of muscle befitting a fighter.

Birthplace: A town in Baldur's Gate in a farm called Bloomdale Farm.

Background: Farmer

Weapon(s): A sword and shield are his usual weapons. Though Finnlay is adept to most one-handed weapons. He also uses a bow on occasions for long range combat.

Outfit(s): Finnlay's usual outfit is a steel helmet, a breastplate on top of a white, long-sleeved linen shirt with a single pauldron on his right shoulder, brown leather trousers, and padded, fingerless leather gloves and boots. As he progresses as an adventurer, and acquires more funds, he will get much more elaborate, better quality armors.

Bio: Finnlay Mertens was born to Aubert Mertens and Fidelia Mertens on a farm in Baldur's Gate called Bloomdale Farm, along with his 2 other siblings, Fiora and Edmund. For many years, he's lived a calm, peaceful life as the son of a farmer, working on the farm, and travelling with his father and family to the towns for selling their goods to markets. In many such travels, Finnlay would always see many travelers and adventurers from many parts of the world. Hearing their tales of adventure, aswell as reading many stories about brave warriors and fierce villains filled his heart with excitement and wanderlust. He bowed when he grew older, he would become an adventurer like the people in the stories, meeting new friends, slay monsters and battle evil villains who prey on the weak and innocent.

After many attempts to convince his parents, they accepted, but only if he found a worthy tutor. As luck would have it, Finnlay found in the town he and his family frequented, a sword instructor named Stongan Gloryshard, a former adventurer and sellsword who retired to the town, and train any future adventurers. After working some jobs to earn more funds, Finnlay approached Stongan for lessons. About 2 years later, Finnlay progressed well as a warrior. He was still the humble, kind-hearted lad he was before, but now he's also more capable of defending himself thanks to the training. Stongan was surprised by the boy's progress; never did he expect the farmboy to be quite the fast learner. However, Finnlay was still rough around the edges, so Stongan decides to take him on his first, real adventure away from Baldur's Gate. Aside from wanting to test the boy's mettle, he also did it for Finnlay's sake; Finnlay would take many oddjobs around town, such as slaying kobolds, retrieving stolen items, fighting bandits and so on. His heart yearned for a true adventure, an epic quest like the ones he'd read about, and the trip he and Stangon were going to embark on is the perfect opportunity for such. Both now set sail for Faerun, a land ripe with opportunity for a grand adventure


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