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February 4th, 2018

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January 08, 2018


01/11/2018 09:12 PM 

Category: Blogging
Current mood:  forgotten

Okay I am going to make this as short and simple as possible. I seriously want to be sure that anyone who adds me or accepts my friend request can follow these simple rules so we can have a healthy roleplaying experience:

1.) Try your best to always reply to my RP messages when you possibly can. You can go a few days without replying if you are busy in life, I do understand that and its not always easy to reply everyone back but if I don't hear from you back in a full week, unless you give me a reason why you will be off for a set amount of time, face deletion. I hate having numbers, I only want to have people who truly wants to roleplay with me and not leave me hanging in the middle of it. So many people does that to me these days that its sicken me. I always reply withing 1-3 days max.

2.) Just a fair warning that my character has a foot fetish with other female characters. He enjoys smelling and rubbing feet of girls that are sweaty and dirty. He is crazy. If you cannot handle that, I suggest you remove me from your friends list now. It's a part of who he is and is proud of it.

3.) Do not treat roleplay the same as Real life situation, let's try to keep them seperate so we can have a good time, please. So no drama either please!

4.) I mainly roleplay in the romance, comedy, slice of life and action drama. My character's also a martial artist but he mainly just trains women. Nothing personal against men. Its just his preference. So girls only if you plan to do romance with me. Not gay. 

5.) I can do romance Master/Slave, Prison Guard/Female Prisoner, Teacher/Student, Father/Daughter and many other uncommon types of relationship. If any of them interests you, let me know.

6.) I know it's me personally but I tend to get accustomed to roleplay with someone by imaging the picture of the girl in your profile pic. So if I added you, I love your current profile pic and I hope you are able to keep it as that long term if you want to RP with me. I don't mind you change as long as its the same character. 

Like if you are like a sexy girl one day and next day you profile pic is like completely different from that girl I was roleplaying with, I tend to get turned off and may not be able to picture well that same girl I originally roleplay with in my mind. It's just who I am, so please don't take it personally. The profile pic distracts me from picturing the previous girl in my mind.

7.) Last but not least, my character, Keitaro is currently single so I am looking for a long term partner. If weeks and months passes by and we get along very well, and you are also single. I may ask you if you want to be my RP Girlfriend. If not, we can still roleplay as we always did. But make sure if you decide to be my partner that you actually are active to roleplay with me. We can add each other on FB, Skype, Whats App, etc if you wish.

P.S: The reason why I put forgotten in my current mood cause soooo many girls I roleplay with here ditched me... like 95% of them. They don't say why, they just keep leaving me hanging forgetting to reply. Hope you are not that girl tho.

Sorry if this blog was longer than expected but I want to be honest and descriptive with what I am looking for before we start our RP. If you sign this blog by commenting, you agree to everything I say here and welcome to my RP world! :) 

I may add to this blog if anything else comes up. :) Looking forward to roleplaying with you soon!


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Posted on Sat Jan 27, 2018, 00:21

Flaming Furball


Okay then. Good to go.

Posted on Thu Jan 18, 2018, 05:31



// Read and Understood

Posted on Wed Jan 17, 2018, 21:36



*Read and understood*

Posted on Wed Jan 17, 2018, 21:21



Read and understood.

Posted on Sun Jan 14, 2018, 13:04



read and understood!

Posted on Fri Jan 12, 2018, 21:28

Keitaro Urashima Vera


I am just being honest and true to myself tho...

Posted on Thu Jan 11, 2018, 21:01

Keitaro Urashima Vera replied to Comment:

It is nice that you're being straightforward. Misunderstandings can happen, and those can be uncomfortable, hehe.

Posted on Thu Jan 11, 2018, 21:51

Little Amy (+18)


It is nice that you're being straightforward. Misunderstandings can happen, and those can be uncomfortable, hehe.

Posted on Thu Jan 11, 2018, 21:51

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