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01/11/2018 07:30 AM 

Rules -_-

1: No godmodding, please. I'm fine if your character(s) are perfect here and there, but if it begins to happen on occasion, then I will stop the roleplay.

2: No Mary/Gary Sues. Should be fairly self explanatory. If they're perfect in some parts, whatever. Just... do not make them perfect the entire roleplay, please. That's no fun, is it?

3: If you're going to drop a roleplay, please do tell me. I'd hate to be left hanging.

4: You can take all the time you need to respond

5: I'm fine with mature themes. Don't be afraid to put them into a roleplay.

6: PLEASE no er*t*ca. Just... no. What I mean, is don't make the entire rp based on it. If you're going to have an er*t*c scene, please warn me ahead of time and please do a fade to black.

7: I'm cool with almost any ship, homo or not. Even if it doesn't actually happen in the actual universe or anything like that. Go wild. Just no bestiality. That's just creepy. Oh, and don't do incest. Please and thank you. Should be pretty clear.

8: You add, you message, vice versa.

9: If you request a roleplay, you're the one starting, vice versa.

10: Decent grammar, please.

11: Please don't make me so anything over a paragraph U mentally cannot
12: I will mainly do Canon over Original in crossovers/verse roleplays, but I can do Original if you'd like.

13: You wanna do a mature theme? Alright. Just warn me before hand, please. Or imply it in the roleplay so I know what'll happen. Thank you. This ties into Rule 5.

14: I have horrid social skills. So if I f*** up a conversation, I'm soso sorry.

15: Sometimes I take a long time to reply to something. So please, be patient with me and don't spam. However, after a week, you can give me a bump. I will do the same to you.

16: If I suddenly stop replying, it's because I'm either busy or lost interest. I'm really sorry, but I have a hard time telling people I'm not interested if it's the second option. 

17: Please don't block/unfriend me if I decline your OC or something like that.

18: I'm always here to talk. If there's something you'd like to talk about, feel free to send a message! 

19: This applies STRICTLY to crossovers. Don't force me to do a specific verse, please. You're free to do any you'd like, even if I don't know your fandom. Just don't make me do a specific verse. I hate having to do that.

20: Do not force me to do a ship, if we're doing that sort of roleplay, that I don't like. I will send you a list of ships I do/don't like from the verse.

21: Tying into rule 20, if you want me to do a ship, then I MUST know who the characters are.

Please, comment your favorite ship in the comments if you read my rules.


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