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December 27, 2017


01/11/2018 10:51 PM 

Dusty Dreemurr


Name: Dusty Dreemur

Nickname(s): Toriel(silly child)

Gender: Non-Binary 

Age: 11

Species/What Are They: Human/Monster hybrid

Soul (Color): Green

Sexuality: Bi






Powers/Attacks: if made mad he may use telekinesis, Gaster Blaster, Bones and Fire magic

Weapons: Sword

Fighting Style: fast and non-thinking


Friends With: Asgore, Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus

Neutral With: Flowey

Enemies With: n/a

Family: Toriel(Mom! adopted), Sans(Dad Adopted), Chara and Asriel(step siblings)

Single, Taken , Or Talking (If the last two, with who): married to UnderHope Frisk


Personality Towards Humans: Kind and helpful

Personality Towards Strangers: Weary

Personality Towards Friends: Funny and thoughtful

Strengths: Smart

Weaknesses: hot-headed

Flaws: quick to defend

Likes: Puns

Dislikes: mean people

Fears: Snakes


Eye Color: blue but if mad or confused Green and red

Clothes: bright green shirt and shorts

Hair: blonde 

Skin: peach

Other: glasses


Alignment: neutral

Goals/Purpose: to protect everything

Job: N/A

Items: AU Locket


Backstory: depends on the run Frisk is taking
*cue his theme
Pacifist:Dusty was always suspicious of the mountain Mount Ebbot when they climbed the Mountain they slipped in mud and fell into the underground when Asriel and Chara found them lying face first on the ground Chara and Asriel helped Dusty up Chara was a little worried that Dusty falling would ruin their plan but if Asriel wanted something Chara would not fight back when the group got to the Ruins Toriel and Asgore ran outside seeing Dusty they asked"who is this Asriel and Chara? " Dusty slowly looked up and told them "My name is Dusty" they were very weak so Toriel helped inside were she healed them and let them rest Asriel stayed with Dusty while they rested when they woke up Asriel was reading a book until he noticed that Dusty had woken up Asriel called for Toriel who came and said"My Child you are awake that is great I was worried and so was Asriel he stayed with you the whole time.'"

*cue Megalovania
Genocide: When Dusty fell into the underground Asriel ran to them Chara walked up behind Asriel making sure he would not get hurt.After Chara was sure that Asriel was safe they stepped back in case Asriel was going to lift Dusty when Asriel started to lift Dusty Chara went and helped out of pity Dusty felted the Determination within Chara They knew it was not the good kind


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