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Gender: Male

Age: 25
Country: Japan

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01/12/2018 12:24 PM 

Character Information


·         Name: Kimura, Hana

o   Nickname: Only goes by “Kimura”

·         Age: 16

·         Gender: Male

·         Sexuality: Heteroflexible

·         Home town: Osaka

o   Current location: Chiba

·         Birthday: January 18th

o   Zodiac sign: Capricorn

o   Blood type: Type O

Academic Career

·         Involved in: Higashi High School Bicycling League

·         Known for: Being second best, Anger issues, Delinquency

o   Popularity: Disliked, but no-one messes with him

·         Academic Ability: Intelligent, but unable to pay attention; very distracted

o   Grades: C- average


·         Strengths: Passionate, Determined, Inquisitive, Loyal, Driven

·         Weaknesses: Stubborn, Rude, Denial, Hypocritical, Nosy

·         Outlook: Pessimistic

o   Pet peeves: Enthusiasm, Fake positivity, Losing, Cowards

·         Likes: Bikes, Cloud watching, Art (but won’t admit it), Shocking people, Calculus, Fixing things

·         Dislikes: Apathetic people, Cowardice, Whining, Admitting problems

·         Talents: Bicycling, Sketching, Fashion (has an eye for it), Math, Mechanics


·         Hair color: Black

·         Eye color: Blue

·         Prominent features: Slim, angled eyes, Thin eyebrows, Small frame, Shoulder-length hair

·         Piercings/Tattoos: Ear piercings (two lobe)

·         Height: 5”4

o   Weight: 110 pounds

o   BMI: 18.9

  • Health: Good health, Thin but muscled. Chronically dehydrated due to alcohol consumptions, reduced lung capacity due to smoking. Semi regular bruising/small injuries.


·         Trauma: Abandonment by Mother at age Three, Physically Abusive and Mentally Vacant Father

·         Fears: Showing that his misses his Mom, becoming his Father, never being good enough

·         Psychological disorders (diagnosed): Intermittent Explosive Disorder

o   Psychological disorders (un-diagnosed): Alcoholism, Depression, Self-loathing

·         Coping mechanisms: Outrageous actions to get attention, Drinking, Smoking, Playing at apathy

o   Response to distress: Drinking/Smoking

o   Response to grief: Provoking a fight

o   Emotional type: Extremely negative


·         Family: Father, Older Brother, Mother

o   Relationship: Explosive and Rageful with his Father, essentially Vacant/Apathetic with his Older Brother. None with his Mother.

·         Relationship status: Single, doesn’t date very long

·         Relationship style: Quick to start, very quick to end; dysfunctional

·         Closest friend: Former Neighbor named Old Man Ojiro

o   Relationship: Ojiro-san bought him his first bike, had rivalry like interactions, but it was a positive, if tense, relationship


Kimura’s Father is homophobic, abusive, and an extreme alcoholic. He wasn’t always this way, a former Salaryman, he made good money and was happy with his picture-perfect family. A beautiful wife and two sons.


After an injury on the job, he was made unable to work having to rely on workers comp. His wife, Nana, found this to be too little money, and with little warning, abandoned the family in leu of a client she met while sugaring (sugar baby).  She simply walked out the door once he came home from physical therapy, leaving their crying three-year-old son, Hana, on the floor.


Unknown to Douta Kimura. She had been engaging in stripping, escorting, and sugaring for years, and left a trail of marriages and children behind her. She is unable to settle down, craving excitement to fulfill her life.  Since leaving, she has not made contact with her husband or her two sons.




Hana Kimura (nicknamed ‘Hanabi’ by his mother) is surly, easily riled, and extremely emotional. He has been getting progressively worse in behavior since his mother left, and often provokes emotional reactions out of people to satisfy himself. He was extremely hurt by his mother’s abandonment, and refuses to get too close to people as a result.


He hates nicknames, only going by his last name, Kimura. He has a reputation of being in gangs at his High School, because of the bruises and cuts he has occasionally as a result from his father. He is not involved in the criminal underground at all.


Kimura is significantly near-sighted, often not being able to see the board from his chair. He will not acknowledge this, and his grades suffer for it. Though intelligent, he is a D-C average student, scoring the highest in math and other practical and hands on pursuits.


He isn’t very team friendly, but works well enough with the other bicyclists. He barely knows the name of anyone on the team, despite being co-captain. He also has a deep hatred towards the other co-captain, a green haired teen that always finishes first place.


 He is generally creeped out by his Coach Kenta Fujiwara. The man has been getting progressively familiar with him, and he isn’t keen on it. Coach often keeps him late after practice, having him come to his office, giving him snacks and treats, repeating grand tales. Kimura would walk out if it weren’t for the fact that he may lose his co-captaincy.   



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