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Sample I - Blank Points

Blank Points - Where they wait for him..
-an interpretation of events-

"I'll be back later!" a brunet boy cried out within his home, informing his parents of his leave of the main island as he hastily made his way out the entrance.  It had been some time since Sora and Riku finally made their return to Destiny Islands after their long absence.  Their venture through the vast amount of worlds and the battle between light and dark had come to pass, but the residents of the islands never questioned the length of time they were gone.  Life had continued on as normal as before, almost as if they never left; as if the islands never fell to darkness a year before.  The two boys reunited with their respective homes and families and on that end, friendships rekindled, rivalries were reborn and. . . schooling was prominent for them once more.  Fortunately, it was not the time for an ordinary lifestyle as it was around the time for students' break, which Sora took heavy advantage of.

As if he was late for a meeting, he rushes through the main trail of the island that eventually leads to the shore.  Though he would immediately make his way to his boat that lies underneath the docks, his feet instead crawls to a halt as he approaches the coast of the main land.  Distant memories of the past began to rush into his mind and he clenches his heart in response.  As he closes his eyes to remember, where he stood was where he accepted a stranger into his heart after his friend Riku made the suggestion back when they were much younger.  His first true instance of aiding another through his the kindness of his heart.  A soft hum was made after a moment of reminiscing and the teenage boy makes his way onto the docks, preparing his boat to set sail after placing a message in a bottle within it.  Kicking against a wooden leg of the dock to push himself away from the main land, he begins to row across the waters that separated the two islands and in moments, he arrives at the island that he and his friends would frequent.

His boat was the only one there upon arrival, leaving the island all to him for a while.  After securing his boat onto the railings of the wooden dock of the island to keep it from drifting away unattended, the boy places himself onto the dock where he would stretch out his limbs after rowing for a long distance.  As he begins to relax, those blue eyes looks out to the sandy shore of his new setting where more memories of the past invades his thoughts.  A young man, who also wielded the keyblade, was conversing with Riku in secrecy, as Sora remembered.  A moment of realization occurs as evident by the small gasp that escapes him. Though the man had mainly connected with Riku, he was still their predecessor and one of the first steps to their interests of the outside worlds.  With a light chuckle from encountering another memory of his younger days, he begins to mimic his actions from back then, racing across the shore of the islands.

As it had been some time since he was alone on the island, different memories enters his thoughts as he sprints along the shore:  The planning and building of the raft, the play fights with his usual group of friends, his endearing moments with Kairi, and the many competitions with Riku.  But as he ran under the bridge, his time of nostalgia had dwindled away with another distant memory of an outsider creeping into his thoughts.  Turning towards the sight of the memory, he envisions the scene of a blue haired young woman who approached young Sora and Riku during their visit on this island.  Slowly but surely, he began to remember her words:  a request to protect Riku from wandering off his path, especially to the path of darkness.  '... you make sure to stay with him and keep him safe.'  Once more, his lips curl into a smile with another moment of realization.  With the different thoughts running through his mind, the boy finds himself heading in the direction of the destiny trio's usual spot, the miniature islet that held the paopu fruit.

Sitting atop the palm tree, he held the bottle that he brought with him which held a letter.  The King's letter.  '... you are who you are because of those people,' a line within the contents that lingers within his thoughts with his sleeping memories recently coming to wake.  His azure hues lock to the sunset, enjoying the sight of the twinkling lights on the surface of the water and the twilight colors of the skyline, in conjunction with the ocean breeze that helped calmed his mind.  With the crashing sounds of the water hitting the shore to aid the soothing atmosphere, those digits that held the bottle and letter begin to relax as he takes a deep breath, his mind coming to a final decision.

"I am who i am...because of them," a quiet whisper from the young hero's lips, with the sense of responsibility now self-imposed upon his shoulders.  Had he not met with the outsiders of Destiny Islands, his adventure wouldn't have existed.  Had they all never had their fateful encounters, his abilities with the keyblade would have never come to be.  But there he sat with the message in hand, eyes filled with determination with The King's thoughts, 'They need you.'



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