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January 21st, 2018

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01/12/2018 05:28 PM 

Becoming Ashley: Part 3

Sarah had left me alone to join Jake at the movie theater. After conducting a quick makeup check, I joined him at the ticket booth. Jake was wearing a nice shirt and sexy scented cologne. He bought my popcorn and soft drink before escorting me to my seat. He was very nervous, it was clear he was very attracted to me yet was unconfident. The movie was some comedy, I wasn’t really paying much attention to it or the trailers. I had always wanted a guy to pull that classic movie move, you know where he yawns and stretch’s his arm before pulling in his hot date. Jake didn’t do that, he was too scared to flirt. I was too, but I wanted the complete Ashley experience. There was an arm rest between us but I raised it, scooting close. I rested my hand on his thigh, creasing his jeans. He was shaking, he was so nervous around me. I was about to fix that. I poked him on the cheek to gain his attention. He looked at me, with fear in his pretty eyes. I bit my lip, doing my best to look eager for a kiss. It worked, he kissed me softly on the lips. I was immediately swooned, my first kiss with a boy was cementing Ashley as my new self. I kissed him back sweetly, loving my new infatuation with guys. I was embracing it. He would pull me in and started to kiss me passionately, his tongue entering my mouth. This started a make out session, a sucked and kissed him lovingly. Our wet tongues entwining, his hand sliding up and down my waist before finding my thigh. Before I knew it, the movie was over. I felt like I was in love, so did Jake. After the credits rolled and everyone left, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted, I couldn’t deny that so was crushing over this guy. We made out a bit more before the theater staff rushed us off. Jake drove me home and kissed me goodbye, telling me that I was best thing that ever happened to him. I agreed. But as I entered my home, my mom was waiting in the living room with my sister. I was shocked, did Sarah betray me. My mother approached me and then suddenly hugged. “If this is who you are, I accept you Ashley.” She said. I remained still before hugging her back, I wasn’t really expecting this reaction. “Ashley is great mom, you’ll love her.” Sarah stated. We spent the rest of the evening talking about the new plan. Over the summer I was to grow my hair, change my name and enlist into a different school. We then talked about other things, mainly boys. They were thrilled about Jake, but reminded me I’d have to reveal my secret to him. I hope he would accept me like my sister and mother would. I changed out of my dress and back into my black babydoll nightie. I would begin bagging my boys clothes and packing them away. It was time to redecorate my room. Before I got started I looked into my mirror again. I no longer saw Adam anymore. He was dead, Ashley was the real me now. Life as a girl was looking great.


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