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Nylatheria, Estranged Malkavian

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April 16th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 112
Country: Australia

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January 12, 2018


01/12/2018 02:46 PM 


DISCIPLINES: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

[Auspex] - It grants the user supernatural senses. It is one of the most common and favored Discipline among Cainites due to its versatility and overall usefulness in just about every facet of vampiric existence. Everything that is happening to someone and has an effect on that person's aura is also detected by Auspex. It is also the Discipline of the "seer line" of Antediluvians: the Toreador, and the Malkavian. It is also used by the Tremere.

Dementation - It is both very powerful, useful, and the signature ability of the Malkavians. It gives them the ability to control other people's minds, to induce hypnotic suggestions, or provoke suicides. The destructive potential of this Discipline is known to everyone, and people try to avoid Malkavians and their abilities as best as they can. [Hysteria] will temporarily incapacitate the target with laughter. [Mass Hallucination] will cause anyone near the Kindred to suffer mild hallucinations, dropping their skills to a degree and granting temporary insanity. [Vision of Death] will force the victim to witness an unspeakable horror within their mind, bringing about their death. This has a lesser effect on those with greater willpower. [Berserk] causes the victim to become insane, forcing them to see everyone as an enemy and turning their full attention to the nearest obstacle before destroying it utterly. If sufficient willpower is contained, this can be resisted, although weaker willed humans will succumb to death after the effects are over.

[Obfuscate] - Allows vampires to conceal themselves and create some manner of illusions. It is one of the more popular Disciplines practiced by Cainites, and is the source of legends surrounding the ability of vampires to vanish and appear seemingly from nowhere. Obfuscate is mentally based; its powers achieve their effects by manipulating the minds of others, not in creating any real changes, and thus will not work against creatures immune to such mental effects or technological sensors. Vampires with levels of Auspex may also bypass the effects of Obfuscate. Nylatheria's usage of this discipline is strong enough that she can move freely and interact with objects without losing the effects, although it has a limited time on it, meaning she can't remain unseen forever.


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