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Adore's History
Category: Stories

Human Life


Angels are all around us. Guardian Angels, Archangels, Earthbound Angels even Fallen Angels walk the Earth without us even knowing it. Earthbound Angels though, have always played a special role without knowing it. Angelic spirits born into a human skin put on the Earth for a specific purpose. Typically they normally lead pretty normal lives as is. They may be a little more perceptive, or natural born leaders. Maybe they know how to motivate large masses of people, or maybe they were better at martial arts without even trying. Regardless to say, Earthbound Angels still lead fairly normal lives. That wasn't the case with Adore. Dilian Banks and Sarah Bianchi were members of a group of illegal scientists and doctors that genetically modify humans to try and create the perfect humanoid species. Adore's parents never actually fell in love. Sarah conceived Adore through a one night stand but when she found out of her pregnancy, she gave the Master Race Organization, the organization she worked for, permission to genetically alter her unborn child. When Adore was born, she was already showing amazing progress for any child in her generation with the tests and modifications they made to her. Because of Adore's success rate, Dilian decided to try to have another child with Sarah thinking that the success had something to do with their genetic code. However, this time, after a few rounds of genetic alterations to the second unborn child, there was an effect that no one was able to predict. The MRO then had a choice of saving the unborn child, or Sarah. They choose to save the unborn child, and Sarah passed shortly after the child was born.

For the first seven years of Adore's life, she was experimented on, and abused, and neglected. She was never given enough food to sustain a healthy life, never saw the sun, and was never taught how to speak or write. The punishments when she acted out were brutal and inhumane. And then, as soon as she was able to stand and wield a weapon, to weed out the weak, she was forced to take part in tournaments that had her fight with other children her age to the death. She won her first tournament when she was three and afterwards was shown what the consequence was if she ever was to lose. She made a promise to herself that day that she would never lose a battle because she didn't want to face the kind of death that awaited her if she lost.

Then, when all hope seemed lost, and her freedom seemed like a dream never to be reached, an undercover guard rescued her and hundreds of other children with the help of an outside rescue force he had put together. That guard, by the name of Connor, adopted Adore and two other children that he rescued that day and nursed the children back to health. Connor taught them language and writing and gave them a life that they could finally start to look forward to. One year after they were freed, they were healed enough and strong enough to travel around the world. Adore went from one martial arts master to another. She started with the Himalayan Mountains then when she was done in the mountains, traveled to China to learn with the Shaolin Monks and master Shaolin and Tai Chi along with four other chinese martial arts. After China, she traveled to Japan to learn from the Samurai and Kunoichi there. And once she felt like she had learned enough, she was thirteen years old and found her way back to the United States where her and her makeshift family built a life for themselves in Florida.


When she was able to settle down, Adore found a martial arts studio that she attended and she quickly proved herself earning more than five black belts and traveled the country competing in martial arts tournaments. She eventually made her first "human" friends which were two twins Samantha and Alexandra Chen who were the daughters of one of the richest families in the world. They quickly became best friends and when it was time for high school to start, they all joined the same school. Got the same schedule, all of them joined cheerleading and were inseparable. One day, sophomore year of high school, the three decided they wanted to go shopping like girls usually did after high school. Little did they know that a few hours into the shopping spree, a gang was planning on shooting up the mall. The sisters were on the bottom floor, going to see Adore again after asking a worker if they had the shirt they wanted in their size. The three of them were separated by a floor level when the shooting happened. Although Adore was able to get there in time to save Samantha, she was not fast enough to save Alexandra and Samantha's sister, was killed during the shooting.

This event drew the attention of news press from all over the world and they stalked Adore's small suburban home trying to get her side of the story because she was the one who saved the mall from a worse loss and took the men out single handed. Eventually, word got back to the MRO and they recognized it was their most promising test subject they were able to produce and they immediately sent an implant to her high school to gain her trust to be able to eventually take her back to the MRO. On homecoming, the plan worked and Adore found herself wrists tied, head aching from a knockout blow in the back of a van on the way back to an MRO base. Connor went after her the moment he found out, but during his rescue mission was murdered and Connor's death sparked a rage in Adore never seen before. When Connor was killed, it was enough to trigger her brain into utilizing 86% of her brains capacity and with all of her newfound strength speed and other unsaid abilities, she killed dozens of the men associated with the MRO and began her escape. She doesn't remember much about that night but that night has always lingered in the back of her head.

After Connor's Death:

After Connor was killed, an order went out through the MRO that everyone who was designed in Adore's generation who had similar genetic blueprints modified into them, were too much of a threat to keep alive and so a massacre took place among everyone even slightly similar to Adore. That was where she knew her fate was going to be intertwined with the MRO and she started to break into the bases and sabotage them in any way she could. She made it her goal in life after that point to do as much damage to the MRO as possible and even started to gather up genetically modified humans who had the same goal in mind as she did to help in her cause.

Angelic Life:

Well, Angels do have past lives, and Adore has more past lives than most because of her responsibility as an angel. Her angelic spirit was created with the universe as a way to keep peace and harmony in the universe. It's said that if she's killed, the universe will go into darkness for 100,000 years. Of course, being reincarnated is different then death because a soul has to start fresh every now and again so it doesn't degenerate, but she hasn't been killed yet so no one knows if that legend is true. But, as an Angel, Adore, now Aileen, which the name means Light Bearer, has to learn how to control her new abilities, and her new wings.

In the story line, there's a few ways she does become an Angel. She either becomes an Angel after a Fallen Angel attacks her and kills her mortal body, almost killing her Angelic Spirit before Archangel Gabriel steps in and saved her spirit at the expense of her mortal life and she has no choice but to become Archangel Aileen Engel.

Or, something that a lot of the roleplays are doing now is when Adore travels through the portal and goes to a different universe, the portal will modify her just enough so she can fit in with the new universe and sometimes that means she gains her wings in her mortal state for as long as she resides in that universe, or she can utilize her wings but only in the form of pure energy and nothing else.


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