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01/18/2018 06:56 PM 

Category: Guidelines


  1. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LINERS Okay, let's be real people. We all went to school, we all know how to write there is no reason why someone would resort to sending one liners. I require a minimum of mostly three paragraph responses. Let's have our responses have a solid beginning, middle and end like we were taught in school okay? And if you need help figuring out how to send longer responses, talk to me. I'm an author on my spare time. I'd love to help anyone write longer and better material.

  2. NO BAD MOUTHING Which includes no drama no name calling no bullying. You respect me I respect you.

  3. DON'T WASTE TIME Time is valuable and with that being said, when you send me a friend request, you better at least have somewhat of an idea of what you want to roleplay and how; especially now that I have my characters bio up and running. I understand if you need help with discussing and planning for a roleplay but be honest with me and let me know so I can help you. Don't try to make it a thing where I'm the only one trying to figure out a roleplay we can do together. I will delete you because a discussion is a team effort. And if I'm the only one putting in the effort to discuss, then I'll probably be the only one putting in the effort in the roleplay.

  4. MESSAGES VS COMMENTS I always start my conversations, greetings, everything in messages but I can do whatever you want to just communicate that you want to continue in comments and I'll respect that but just tell me what you prefer so I can accommodate.

  5. RL VS RP Real life will always come first for me. I'm 21 years old, with one full time job, a part time job, a business and I now have a wedding to plan. I make time for what's important so if you want my time, make it worth my time. That means that even though I am not selective about who I friend, because I give everyone a chance, I am selective about who I continue to talk to and who I roleplay with so no offense if I don't roleplay with you but the initial talking is honestly an evaluation of the person and if I do not get detailed, well written responses during our initial conversation and or roleplays, I will terminate the conversation.

  6. NO TEXT TALK going back to the time is important thing. If you valued your time, my time, and trusted yourself as an author and roleplayer, you will not send me text talk. And if you do it will be an immediate delete.


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