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02/11/2018 10:16 PM 

Rp rant response

( If you don't want to read it all then here is the summary. I feel like male adds are the effect of the community rather than females being on a high horse. )

Don't worry, this isn't by means a drama response or nothing like that. I wish to share my point of view regarding a post I saw today. ( I am assuming the person is friends only so I'm gonna post my response here and save myself the trouble. Mostly because I'm lazy.)

Anyway I am speaking as a male rper who has been across various sites and environments, but not limited to things like skype, discord and mmos. I've observed and watched and even been on the wrong side of males in the past so I'll be using those experiences to speak. This isn't speaking for everyone of the said types that I will list. I'm not speaking for everyone or intend to, but anyway here goes.

I can agree that as a male (normally) I do not get adds. I haven't seen a had a good active male account in probably about a year now. Could I? Probably. I've seen popular male accounts before but I won't make assumptions on how they got their friends. But on my side, I only got my friends from adding people and eventually getting a steady list after a few weeks. From my side, males don't add me unless their seeking to battle my character. Or just interested in the story in some form. There is usually always adds from gays and bi guys who never seem to read the profile info and greet by flirting. Always annoying but I turn them down easy. ( My main male account is straight.) But when it comes to girls?

Nope not a thing. Probably like 1 or 2. I don't really mind, as I see it those who add through all the assumptions and actually speak and hang around are the types I'd like to be around and hang with. (Normally the ones who get my discord or get better replies from me in general when it comes to rping. )

Regarding Hana who you see here, his biggest problem comes from women who wants to dom over a man. They add him expecting him to be like other traps (easy to get in bed and willingly bends over at the first compliment given. ) going on assumptions then end up blocking the account when they find out that Hana actually has respect for himself and isn't focused on that stuff. Something they would of known if they read anything about him. Men for Hana actually has been pretty decent when they come around, they enjoy the view of looking at him mainly but at least talk at the minimal. Some have tried getting at him, but not as many as certain types of women and packing extra types.

Anyway moving on, the unwillingness or disinterest in adding males I find comes from the fact that the males biggest speakers are the desperate/wanting to grab the nearest female type. Nice guys are shoved aside or ignored/friendzoned because people find them boring. So it's kind of creating a thing where all the good males just close up or move elsewhere leaving only the badboys, loud talkers that still roam around in prime.

Not all males that still add are bad. There are still some good ones that add, but just may not pay much attention to the new members etc. And when they add from it it's rare. Personally I myself is one of the nicer males, but I stopped paying attention to the new members, aside from kind of giving up on making good new active friends I find the new members to be a high risk of a person that's already here just making another account. Back when I did still add, I got tired of people joining, asking for share outs then picking and choosing who they talk to. ( I was 75% of the time one of the ignored )

There are females who are just as bad, but their not as loud as the bad males that people want to avoid. But by paying attention they are just as easy to spot.

So are females on a high horse? I can't really say as there is a lot to consider. I'm sure plenty are and ask/want an unreasonable amount from males that join. But personally I think it's just the effect of what the community has done to itself. Like how people jump on the 18+ bandwagon, they get easy adds and everyone wants them so more of them are showing up as more normal accounts or not so "sexy" accounts just end up hiding or deleting due to lack of adds or not wanting to be around a site where they feel like they have to be sexualized to get any attention.

In mmos, at least the ones I played it's different. A lot easier to make friends as long as people find you okay. Anyway those are my thoughts regarding it male adds. These days my male accounts grow dust on all the sites as no one but rp family talks to them.


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