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Country: France

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February 05, 2018


02/12/2018 01:17 PM 

Author Behind The Character.

Bonjour~! Comment Cava?

Parlez-vous francais et espanol?


Who am I: 

I would love for my name to remain someone anonymous, but seeing my face is quite fine. You might get a post and delete every now and again. ^^ 

I live in CALI, so I'm borderline a hippy.

I am in school and working, I'm a busy woman! I'm 22 years old and I can't wait to better the world with love, serenity, and positivity. 


I'm Louisiana Creole, African (American I guess), and Native (Tunica Biloxi).
L Creole is just Black, French, and Spanish all bungled up.
However, I equate that with just being black, so I don't identify that separately. Nor do I want to be exotified for it. Most Creole people don't identify as such because Creole itself is a language. We just call ourselves black. When I was little I use to know how to speak some creole from learning from my family down south. It's like a mix of some African Language (I personally don't know which) and French. Opposed to Haitian Creole which is more Portugues and Spanish. 

L Creole is a dialect of French. Which is similar to AAVE or Ebonics but for the French language. For example, Instead of saying "Bonjour" it's "Bonjou." Or when you say Goodbye, which is "Au revoir" it's "A/Orewar" or "Zadje." 
See it? ^^

When I found out I was L Creole, I started taking classes in school to learn French. Which I have long forgotten when I learned Spanish in high school. Sometimes I get the Spanish and French all mixed up b/c so many words are similar. Especially when saying out loud.
For example.
Salut- In Spanish, it means to bless you. 
In French, it means Hi.

So, So- Comme Ci, Comme Ca or Ci Ca.
Spanish: Asi Asi.
[I don't know, this could just be me.]

I've personally always felt Spanish was easier to learn and at some point because I live in a predominately Mexican community so I was starting to become a little bit more fluid with it. However, taking a few years off from the language, I started forgetting and now I'm at a point where I can understand if I listen closely, but speaking back is difficult for me. Mi espanol es no bueno a veces y yo tengo buscar words. A veces, yo hablo spanglish from time to time. Yo mejore in listening, pero like, mi hablando faltered un poco.


These days I keep to myself and I'm content in my loneliness. Having OOC friends outside of roleplay isn't really a necessity to me anymore. But I know eventually, I'll probably become good friends to some of you, so let me lay this stuff out for yall.

1. Earn my trust.

  •  - I go by a new motto these days and that's "Trust don't come easy." I don't trust anyone on this website. Everyone is starting off with a blank slate with me. As far as I know, no one can be trusted. 

  • - The people on this site are spirit/heart-breakers. They will kill your joy, but not mines.

  • - Eventually, I will get comfortable if you're deemed worthy of my trust.

  • - If you're a past friend and you suspect or know who I am. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. But this time around, I won't be so forgiving to the bullsh*ttery.

2. If you're narcissistic/egotistical, leave me alone.

  • - I don't care to hear you gloat about yourself. The world doesn't revolve around you. I and others are not here to kiss your feet and beg for your love and mercy. You ain't that special. This is a site for roleplaying; not your career. If you're offended by this if the shoe fits wear it.
  • - I'm not stroking anyone's ego in character or out of character. You can kiss my ass.
  • - If you know any people with this trait, watch out for them. They tend to be the ones that f*** you over.

3. I don't wanna date you, I'm taken.

  • - Self-explanatory, I'm in a happy healthy relationship and I want to keep it that way.
4. Don't take my kindness as weakness.

  • - No more giving the 'Benefit of the Doubt.'
  • - I normally want to go with my first instinct when bullsh*t comes my way, but I'm so kind and I'm also a black woman; so I'm scared I'll be labeled with the 'Angry Black Woman' trope. But you know what? F*** that, I'm not letting anyone objectify me for reacting rationally to a situation that bothers me.
  • - I'm not holding my tongue. I won't be kind when I'm disrespected and I WILL put you in your PLACE.

5. If problem-solving isn't your strong suit in and out of character. Don't talk to me.

  • - I'm done being captain save a hoe. You don't know how to be an adult and work situations out; I don't care for you. 
  • - If you're secretive about issues you have; Stay away from me.
  • - I don't give a damn if you're the greatest roleplayer this site has ever seen, if you can't work out a minor or major problem; Don't bother reaching out to me ooc.

6. Don't hurt yourself.

  • - In the end, I'm a good person. I'm an even better friend. A wonderful partner to have in character and reasonable outside of character. I don't have too many demands I am kind and gracious. My writing can be impeccable when I'm not being lazy. I will always have ideas. I will always be respectful and silly. I'm as sweet as sugar. 
  • - But the moment you burn me, you burn yourself. When you hurt me? You hurt yourself. 
  • - So try not to hurt yourself.
  • - I think Beyonce Explains it best~! xD
  • - Being alone doesn't scare me. Being without you don't phase me. Don't hurt yourself.


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Signed and understood.

Posted on Mon Feb 19, 2018, 09:13

Faisal Constantine


signs and hands back to her.

Posted on Thu Feb 15, 2018, 14:21

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