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February 23rd, 2018

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November 17, 2016


02/12/2018 01:46 PM 

The Purge.

If you are among the many that were on my FL, but are reading this message now, it means that there was a serious lack in interaction between our characters within the months prior to my first major cleaning sweep. I have been ignored ( purposely and also unintentionally due to inactivity waves and laziness ), indirectly shaded and even creeped on. But as of February 2018, all of that is dead and done. I am here to expand my personal creativity, something that too many of you are not here to do. 
Having stated this, not one person was deleted based on drama, editing skills, statuses, etc. 
So, please do not take offense; there are no hard feelings on my end whatsoever. Actually, everyone is free to add me, new faces and even old again, but ONLY if we are going to interact IC. 
Do NOT send a request if you have no interest in writing or at least bantering with Jasmine. Do NOT send a request if youíre looking for erotica or a ship with Jasmine. Do NOT send a request if youíre a friend collector. Do NOT send a request if youíre specifically looking for an OOC relationship. And do NOT send a request if youíre TRYING to start beef or drama of any kind. Thank you in advance.
I am genuinely sorry for my decision to delete 90% of the people that I have added, but like I said, you all can add me again if you wish. However, if you donít write, you will be deleted again. 
No exceptions. 

( FEB. 2018. )



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