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February 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 19
Country: Greece

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February 02, 2018


02/12/2018 05:31 PM 


1. This is not my main account, and I am exceptionally busy. My reply rate will be slow. In fact, I can only guarantee it'll be before 3 weeks.

2. If we have an rp we going, do not message me in messages. I go by oldest first, which means any new messages throw the pending reply out of order. If you do this, you lose your spot in line.
3. No straight erotic stuff. In fact, if you mention erotic within the first few posts of discussion, you'll probably get declined. I'm for it if the story can lead in, but I'd rather not deal with horn dogs.

Optional: While I'm apt for quality over quantity, I generally dish out multi-para to novella replies.


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