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02/18/2018 06:26 PM 

Sluagh Sidhe:

" Where.. Am I? "

A tedious thought that seemed popular among the spirits that drift this far into the abyss, the only thought they seemed to care about instead of the more important questions such as, ' who ' am I? Or what for that matter? Truth was they were nothing more than unrested souls tempted by the desire to live which prompted them to seek out salvation in the depths of hells or so they were tricked to believe. Unbeknownst to them that they in-fact reside in the cave of Cruachan, an ancient site used in harmony with the Wild Hunt; Nonetheless the souls unlucky enough to wander into the darkness were forced to remain within the shadows clutches, rummaging for ages until finally met by a single being who refer to himself as there savior.. A fairy known as D'omanti whose wicked demeanor left them with the impression that he was abnormal even among there crowd, leading them to question his motives temporarily before finally playing along due to having little choice. D'omanti never did say it would be pretty but none could've imagined the method in which the spirits resort too to survive..

* Three centuries later. *

 Heaps of flesh the size of a boulder mounted upon one another in instinctive ecstasy, intertwining each leg & arm that poked from within its crevice until finally becoming one. Consisting of both elves, fairies & humans alike with the magically adept leading the mound that had long since relinquished there torment by succumbing to there innate desire to survive. Oddly enough this solution didn't exactly seem fitting for those in question but without any to guide them they flocked to one another like flies, chewing upon dead tissue whilst suckling upon the vile nectar they secrete as if it were there mothers tit until eventually the unimaginable occur. A single light shine vibrantly from within the depths of the convulsing sac of muscle before finally the meat that had so desperately yearn for a single body began to form into something greater; Most likely a result of each of the bastard souls recognizing the necessity for life & no longer feeling entitled to the notion that they NEED a body.. Instead finding solace in the fact they could garner there numbers and compact into one being of immense talent.

Tamashi. He was one of the mounds of flesh that had coincide with the rest for years and had only recently cracked the surface of the oozing tissue before being abruptly inducted as the man who would lead them past the gates of nirvana, the chosen to seek out there retribution via any means necessary.. Didn't take long for each mind to settle on this before the masses created there vision of perfection. A man no less.. Or at least what they depict man to look like in this day & age, for they had not witness the evolution of humanity in quite sometime and only withheld a minor knowledge to derive from. Needless to say the man's true visage was that of a handsome fellow, pale in pigment but strong in stature standing at about 6'4 whilst retaining attributes from his elven cousins, most notably the pointed ears & tail that sway alongside the ground. " What is this? " The voices spoke in unison to Tamashi whose body continue to configure until ultimately his form took a turn for the worse by becoming almost fairy like in appearance.

Large wings now span over a 7 foot radius whilst minor wings trickle alongside his ribcage, meanwhile two horns protrude from the edges of his forehead matched with a luxurious patch of black hair that sprout from his head acting as a fur everywhere else it saw fit. His tail now more pronounced than ever as that height the spirits so desperately urge to gain shrivel down to 4'3 with a sleek physique that left room for question on whether or not HE was really a she. " What is the meaning of this? " The spirits inquire as there grasps on reality began to distort, a single spirit now materializing before them as an apparition. " The name is D'iomanti, the fairy who bestowed upon you a new way to live.. I don't have the strength to rid this Tamashi of the body however I do have the power to whip every soul here into shape as my soldier. See in spite of not being the head of this host body I will command you from within Tamashi.. That being said you can keep that pitiful human form but only alongside this embodiment of perfection. Agreed? "

Voices from every direction echo within Tamashi's head before finally after immense thought the man would nod, fluttering his newfound wings with enough force to break the veil that kept them entrapped for so many years. " Freedom! " He bellow as the lines that trickle alongside his body finally settled into place upon being met with the smell of fresh air & light from the sun. Despite having a face that seemed content with coming off as condescending the entity was fueled by joy; " People! " Crimson orbs fixate upon a nearby civilization as the fairy propel itself with enough force to break the speed of sound, an unexpected attribute yet welcomed by the voices who thanked D'iomanti in advance. " H.. H... " A child stammered at the sight of the beautiful monster her people spoke ill about, it's physique so graceful in nature that she deem it almost too perfect to be evil. Tamashi who too was happy to see the child felt saddened by the fact he could not form the proper words to partake in conversation. Instead opting out of communicating through conventional means altogether as Tamashi relay a message to the child's mind,

" Hello! " 

It was at the moment that he comprehend just how powerful he became as the child's aquatic hues seep with the red liquid that was her blood, her ears following the same path as the mere use of his voice fractured her psych alongside her ear-drums. " Demon! Stay away from Mar... Oh god, Mary! " The roars of a father struck Tamashi who compulsively hover outside the reach of the human whose eyes filled with rage as he clutched his daughters lifeless body to his chest; Tears trickling down flushed cheeks as the man cursed the gods for having ever punishing his child. " You beast are you not satisfied with the crops you've destroyed? But now you taketh my child!? " Crops? Just what did this mortal refer too? Whatever it was no longer pertain to Tamashi who cut his losses by flying once more into the skies, curious of just how far his abilities ranged. " Peculiar. " " Odd. " " We are.. Strong? " ..

" We are one. "

* Four centuries later *

It wasn't till many years later that Tamashi understood what he was and that he wasn't the first of his kind. A Sluagh Sidhe was the category of fairy he apparently fell into & after much thought it made sense. The lore of Sluagh aligning perfectly with his power that derive from chaos and prompted his newfound desire to create havoc at every corner. Perhaps it was almost imperative to do so? If not destroy than protect? The notion left the spirits giggling like schoolgirls since the only thing his power manifest was death and if we're being honest he was damn good at it. With an unrivaled knack for magic alongside a logic defying speed he was practically the ultimate killer, stopped only by his inability to make crucial decisions without first conversing with D'omanti.. This link something Tamashi so desperately wished to destroy, a goal so to speak that he would one day act upon however until than the bodies he'd amass would grow. The tale of the creature who crept into the homes of the unknowing and stripped them of there spirit spreading throughout the times..

The lore of the Sluagh renown as Tamashi the Eater finding it's place in supernatural history. 



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