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03/11/2018 02:55 PM 

A little something on the lighter side

Twin rows of black candles lit one after another producing a crimson flame.  Once the last two lit a circle of flames became etched into the ground as a lone cloaked figure stood before a pile of corpses.  Nearly all of the bodies were repaired or in pristine condition as though they died in their sleep.  

"Scream and cry, but none will hear you
Plead and beg, but none will help you
Rise and join me."

The flames shot up changing from Crimson to gold.  The sounds of cloth rustling as The flames illuminated the Cloaked figure's face revealing it to be Liz.  Liz rose her hands up as she stepped away from the pile.  She laughed as the bodies twitched being reanimated through her magic.  Magic coursing through and soaking into each corpse In the pile bringing them back to the land of the living.

The skeleton was the first to rise from the corpse pile.  Holding a mysterious lime green glow the skeleton's skull spun around as it moved from the pile standing on the ground before Liz.  The skeleton let out a cackle similar to that of the crypt keeper, but of a much higher pitch.  The skeleton towered over Liz at a solid seven and a half feet tall with no signs of fractures from life, but a cut between the third and second rib near the spine in a diagonal angle towards where the heart would be.

"Wave your hands like you don't care!"

The skeleton obeyed immediately losing one of its arms which was sent flying into Sakino's bedroom punching her on the forehead.  Liz looked at the skeleton her eyelids lowered to halfway as she did. "... You brainless dolt."  The skeleton responded in kind by knocking on it's skull a hollow knocking could be heard as it did.  "Just concentrate and... Call back your arm then drag the Viking over here."


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