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03/11/2018 06:26 PM 

Asuna Yuuki, Aincrad Journal Part One.
Category: Stories

Aincrad: Beginning. 

Asuna Yuuki was pretty much your typical girl, well as typical as a rich girl living in a big mansion right in the middle of Setagaya could be. She had gone to an all girl's academy, the closest to friendships she ever had was fighting against her female classmates for grades. It didn't help much for what little social life she did have. If that wasn't enough to stress out the girl, she had a brother who spent all his time on the other side of the world with frequent visits in between his business trips. She also had the displeasure of dealing with an overbearing mother who expected nothing short of perfection from her along with a father whom was never home due to his job. He was a CEO of the Rect Inc, which specialized in Full-Diving VR modules so obviously he devoted much of his time to overseeing that it would be done by the launch date. It was named Sword Art Online and only a chosen ten thousand would be allowed to immerse themselves in it. What joy.
One day her brother, having been home from one of his many business trips had stayed in line all night to grab this game. In utter frustration at their father, he left once again, bestowing a gift upon his little sister Asuna: A nervegear which would connect her consciousness into the game and upload it. She was hesitant, but curious. Her mother wasn't home and her father was at work, obviously. She figured she could go in long enough to see what all the fuss was about in the online forums. She was rather excited honestly, more than she had been in her short life. After reading through the short pamphlet on the game, she set it up accordingly and went to lay herself in bed. She never dreamed it would take away two years of her life when she put it on, but she was a naive girl in search of something more with her life. 


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