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03/11/2018 09:26 PM 

Asuna Yuuki, Aincrad Journal Part Two.
Current mood:  adventurous

Asuna, Aincrad Journal Part Two.

As Asuna awoke, her body descended into a bustling town. So this was Sword Art Online. It looked and felt like a concrete place. The sights, the smells. They all seemed so surreal. Believing that she would be able to leave, she had decided to go through the necessary tutorials and gear herself up. Something had caught her amber hinted spheres within the beginner’s weapon store. A rapier that went by the name of Karakurenai, which translated into the English word “Crimson”. A suitable name with all the enemies she would soon be defeating in order to pass in order to make it towards the last floor. With a final purchase of a red cloak which disguised her slender body and her porcelain flesh, perfect. Last thing she needed was attention to be brought onto her. Her only focus was to defeat the game. Fun and socializing were not things she think she needed, especially in this world. “You don’t have friends, you only have competition.” Her mother would endlessly say when she would start mingling with anyone from her school. Only safe to assume that the same would be in this virtual world. Little did she know, she would need friends now more than ever: very very soon.

After training herself up a couple levels, she would turn in her hunts and her extra quests. A tough task to be sure for a solo player but she thought this was the only way to be strong. After gathering the rewards and experience from said pursuits, she was suddenly wisped away in a cloud of gray: only to appear within the square of the Town of Beginnings, along with other players. She was confused. “Was this an event?” “Was this something they didn’t explain in the pamphlet?”. She didn’t think it would be too bad. Boy was she wrong. A cloudy essence of blood red would exhume from the darkening sky and introduce itself as the creator Akihiko Kayaba. Her life had changed from that moment on… Listening to how he turned the games designs around to survival of the fittest. A kind of law of Darwinism. Anyone who died during this game’s run, would ultimately die in real life. Obviously most players didn’t believe it, or didn’t want to believe it. As if this news didn’t shatter whatever hope they had of going home to their families, to their lives… He made them appear how they looked in the real world. Much to her surprise, he left. No questions to be asked, more confusion to follow.

Fighting the tears and ignoring the screaming of the ten thousand players whom were stuck here, she decided to go on. She had to, she had to make it out. Even if she had to go at it alone. She had to get stronger. She had to.


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