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March 15th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: France

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March 12, 2018


03/12/2018 07:17 PM 

Mathilde Meerstrich

Mathilde Meerstrich, what can we tell about that young woman of 24 years old ... ?

Well first of all, she is a ball of energy, cheerful and alway up for something that may be interesting for her or trying some new shinanigans while she’s bored. It’s her nature, she’s like a over energetic cat that explore his playground.

She love playing tricks to her friends but also to some stranger for her fun, but nothing that can be taking too far.

She love to tease for her own amusement, seductive, but alway keeping her freedom for herself. And it’s common for her to fantasize too much when she see something that can wake up her perverted mind. For exemple, two mens who accidentally bumb each other in the streets is enough for her to make an entire Yaoi scenario in her mind.

Plus it’s helping her a lot since she a well knowed writer, sometime serious book but most of the time authors of sensual books.

An hard job, but she’s used to it as she live in a nice but really messy appartement, since she write most of the time rather than cleaning.

But she’s a kind woman at heart, gently and very friendly, she just try to had some fun in her life even if you might be the target ~


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