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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 19
Country: United States

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February 17, 2018


03/12/2018 01:06 PM 

Disconnected Purity Offical Bio

Name: Purity

Nicknames: Becky or Bex

Alliance (Evil, Good, Neutral, etc.): Good.

Powers: Chaokinesis, Electrokinesis, Dimensiokinesis, Posi-Negikinesis, Reality Warping, Super Strength and Speed.

Likes: Exploration, friends, being alone. (sometimes)

Dislikes: Bad "Players", those who do wrong, being alone.

Friends: Sonic and Co., whoever she meets usually

Family: Sonic the Hedgehog (Husband).
            Clarity the Hedgehog (Daughter).

Enemies: Zalgo (to an extent), X, Eggman.

Team Power: Power.

Age (physical): 20.

Age (actual): Unknown

DOC (Date of Creation): June 23, 1953 (Actually unknown).

Sex: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Fur Color: Electric Blue.

Eye Color: Green (Naturally [Color may change when using abilities]).

Skin Color: Peach.

Height: 3' 3''

Weight: 80 lbs.

Fur/Quill Style: Long and flowing with a few sticking out on forehead.

Accessories: Red Sunglasses.

Attire: Red bustier, pants, and long fingerless gloves with a stipe that runs on the center.
Decorated with rings that are yellow in her neutral state (not using her powers). Red heeled boots
to match.

Noticeable Features: Instances where her powers are being used, her eyes and the rings on her
clothes change color to reflect the energy type. Her eyes becoming a deep blue and the rings
becoming a green similar to her base eye color represents the use of positive Chaos Energy, while
both turning red indicate use of negative Chaos Energy.

Favorite Food: Chocolate.

Previous Residents: Free roaming, Venus and Sugar's house.

Currently Residing: Free roaming, Venus and Sugar's house, Luna's house.

Personality: Friendly as long as you are on your best behavior. Despises hostile, unfriendly, and evil personalities, but will try to talk them out of their ways even in conflict.

Strengths: All range of attacks, Space-time manipulation, Almost unequaled power and abilities.

Weaknesses: Occasion emotional instability, overuse of energy leads to disorientation.

Weapons: Standard Glock (G18 Model), 2.7 mm Kolibri pistol (Collection purposes), Eclipse Blasters (Energy blasters of Chaos Energy). (However, being the fun kinda gal I am, hand me something and I won't turn it down!)

Backstory: Purity was a secret project created by one of Professor Gerald Robotnik's head assistants, Professor Stanton Purity,  aboard the Space Colony ARK, slightly predating the creation of the Biolizard. The assistant named the project after himself, said project started for the sole purpose of impressing Gerald with the use of "Bio Energy X" to create life. Before the finished project was shown to Gerald, the ARK was raided by the Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.) for the events involving Project Shadow and Project Purity was left still sealed and hidden aboard the ARK until 50 years later. The energy from Sonic and Shadow's Chaos Control used to stop the colony's collision with the planet caused an energy surge in the colony, upsetting some systems and releasing the Project for the first time.
After a few months aboard the ARK, Purity went down to the planet and settled into a life of petty city theft in order to get by, as she didn't know any better. She was found by Rouge, who blackmailed Purity into using her ability to track the Chaos Emeralds to find them for her, leading her to cross path's with Sonic. Sonic got Purity to straighten out her life and fight for the forces of good, meeting new friends in the process.
During a group hang out, Purity's universe was erased by X (Sonic.exe). Being the sole survivor thanks to the Chaos and Master Emeralds, their energies becoming her own, she set out to stop him and bring back her world. She learned that X made a deal with Zalgo and went to stop him, eventually "defeating" Zalgo (Zalgo has no known weaknesses in the Sonicverse) and getting her world back.
She now spends time in three different places: her own world, the "Ringsphere" (a white void at the center of the Sonicverse where she can view the other dimensions), or in said other dimensions to keep everything in balance.
While staying in one of the dimensions, X appeared and sought to end their battle, Purity having grown quite depressed and tired of the fighting. However, with some motivation from her friends Luna and Shadow as well as the help of Super Sonic, X was destroyed along with the disc that is his lifeline. She has now decided to attempt to assimilate and start her life over again, forming a relationship with Sonic.
In the time after this event, she spent more and more time with him, eventually resulting in the two of them getting engaged and having a daughter together. The happiness didn't last long as she had to set out to destroy the fragments of the disc that acted as a gateway from X's world to another. Even though she destroyed them all, she couldn't shake the feeling of his increasing power again, leading her to dread sleep and being alone again. But this was the least of her problems.

Chaos Powers: Chaos Control, Chaos Beam (signature attack), Chaos Spear (and all variants like Spear of Light, Spear Cannon, etc.), Chaos Blast, Chaos Torrent, Chaokinesis.

Unlocked Add-On: Eris
   Eris is a battle suit that has a similar paint job to Purity's fur and clothing. Eris uses nanite digitization technology that is mapped to a jumpsuit. It provides armor and while it may seem lightweight, this thing can take a punch with an energy shield that can absorb kinetic energy. And it can pack just as heavy a punch allowing movement at nearly double speed and move three times strength. Eris is equipped with a thrusterpack mod on the back. It's an overall well balanced suit with plenty of little toys and gadgets while also helping in channeling raw Chaos Energy so an Emerald won't be needed to do some of the more fancy attacks. All that and more is at Purity's disposal while wearing Eris

Forms: Chaotic Purity, Radiant Purity.

Form Descriptions:
-Chaotic: Equal to roughly a Hyper Form in power.
-Radiant: No known equal power level.

Using these forms will lead to a certain degree of energy usage. Using her Radiant Form uses up so much energy at once that she tends to fall almost completely unconscious after reverting back. Several hours of sleep are usually required to recharge her and get her out of her weak and nearly immobile state.


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