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July 15th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: United Kingdom

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February 20, 2017


03/12/2018 07:44 PM 

Two of a Kind

Name: Garett Blackwood

Age: 23

Height: 6'2"

Weight:  173

Eyes/Hair: Left eye Yellow, right eye blue/Auburn

Race: Human/Werewolf

Occupation: Student/Host/Bodyguard (takes work where he can get it)/He also fights in underground rings to let off steam

Sexual Orientation: Bicurious

Likes: Hiking, fighting, money, spoiling his friends and family, hunting, fishing, protecting people, heavy petting, comic books (though he hides this from pretty much everyone), making goofy sketches.

Dislikes: Killjoys, cruelty (mostly towards kids and animals, but he's easily irked by the act in any form), VEGANS, deadlines, loud music (if it vibrates a building, it's too f***ing loud), being woken up, tuxedos, underwear, most vegetables.

Personality: While he's actually quite outgoing and generally friendly an initial encounter paints him as cautions and a bit surly. He is quicker to trust than his sister, but he tries to extend his tough guy act as long as possible in an attempt to avoid allowing anyone with bad intentions into his life and more importantly into his sister's. He has a strong moral code, believes a man should behave gentlemanly (until he shouldn't heheh). He takes his work seriously and will defend his clients to the fullest of his ability and he while outwardly he seems somewhat cynical towards humanity deep down he believes that their is a bit of good in everyone. 






Name: Nyrett Blackwood

Age: 23 

Height: 5’9"

Weight:  146

Eyes/Hair: Left eye blue, right eye yellow/Auburn

Race: Human/Werewolf

Occupation: Student/Hostess/Freelance Photographer

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual (Does not experience sexual attraction until a strong emotional bond has been formed.)

Likes: Hiking, learning new photography techniques, exploring different art mediums, dancing, pastries, hunting with family, pretty clothes, jewelry made from stones (moonstone high among them), giving random (and often humorous) gifts, pet names, dressing her brother, romantic novels (usually about crime and the mafia).

Dislikes: Overzealous individuals, going in half-cocked, when her brother buys her expensive things, aggressive flirtation, belligerent customers, when she shakes the camera on accident and misses the perfect shot, bullies. 

Personality: Almost mirroring her brother, Nyrett is outwardly very outgoing and friendly while internally she finds it difficult to trust others. Though she enjoys interactions with people, she knows deep down that most people wouldn't accept them for what they truly are and thus actively attempts to keep her heart guarded. In light of the fact that she does want to be around people, she uses photography as a way to get over her anxieties and keep from becoming unnecessarily cloistered. Deep, deep down she's a hopeless romantic.


Story: Outcasts amongst their people, Garett and Nyrett have made an honest living for themselves out in the “real world” apart from the otherwise secluded lifestyle of the pack they were born into.  


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