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Roguish Charm (mcrp)

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July 16th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: Ireland

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October 13, 2017


03/13/2018 02:32 PM 

Simon Widower/Ex-Journalist

(Warning! Dark Theme’s ahead!)

BASICS: (Some things may change as he evolves)

Name: Simon Roth

Age: 32

Residence: London

Era: Modern

Occupation: Journalist


(Pictures coming soon)

Height: 6’2”

Species/Race: Human

Eye Color: #13a282 Seagreen

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Tan

Tattoo’s/Piercings/Marks: Find Out

Speech Patterns: British accent (Cockney not upper side unless he feels he has to)


Father:  Hugh Roth

Mother: Elizabeth Roth

Siblings: None

Wife: Sharron Roth (Deceased)

Children: Derek and Daphne Roth


Orientation: Straight! (He thinks)


Status: Widower

By Who:

Since When:


Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Biking

Likes: Action, Spending time with his kids

Dislikes: A**holes, Pretty much any rich guy who stomps on the little guy

Personality: Simon is a pretty nice guy as long as you don’t annoy him or mess with his kids. Mess with his kids and the bear is unleashed.


Right out of High School, Simon joined the military. He excelled at just about everything they threw at him being a bit of a jock in high school. He could run, swim, jump, climb, all the good stuff and then there was the fighting training. He took to it quickly. He had taken martial arts all through his childhood and even into his high school years until football (Europe style) had taken over. All of that just helped him through his military training.

After his time in the military he still hungered for travelling. He had married his high school sweetheart before he had joined the military, in fact just days before he left. She was a sweet woman who was happy to be the military wife. After he was out of the military though he still needed action and something to fight for. He found journalism. Fighting, he would just be doing for self defense mostly, but he would go into the most dangerous war zones seeking out the best stories and getting wonderful pictures. He won prizes that he didn’t even care about. All he wanted was to get the story and fight for the little guy while his wife was safe at home in their London flat where she gave birth to their beautiful twins, one boy and one girl.


So it came as a huge surprise when he got the call. Someone had broken into his flat and killed his wife while ransacking the place. Luckily the children were spending the weekend at their grandparents home, but his wife wasn’t so lucky. Whoever had broken in had raped and tortured the poor woman before ransacking his home and leaving a bloody mess. He returned home lost in a fog. He had loved his wife even if he hadn’t been around enough. The children’s grandparents took turns taking care of them while their father fell apart.


A year later he is finally trying to put himself back together. In between caring for his children, he is searching out who had killed his wife. A huge part of him doesn’t believe it was just a sad home invasion like the police claimed, and the rest doesn’t care. No one was caught for what happened to his wife and he wants justice… no he wants revenge!


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