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04/15/2018 02:42 PM 

Riki Itou [Boku no Hero Academia OC]

Personality: Abrasive, Confident, Indulgent, Whimsical, Flirty, Reliable.
Age: 22
Quirks & Abilities:
Overall Abilites: Though not considerably well known due to only performing petty crimes, Riki is a very strong fighter compared to most due to his constant training to improve as well as a combat background. Due to this, he can even take on Pro Heroes without too much difficulty, though prefers not to place too much attention on himself. Riki skirts the line between hero and villain, and is a full blown vigilante, doing things like fighting to protect others when a situation calls for it, though he would be just as likely to steal from them.

Enhanced Strength: Riki's training has given him an impressive physical strength, being able to knock away and throw foes who are much taller than himself.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Riki's training has given him an impressively quick movement and reflex speed of a well-trained fighter.

Battle Sense: Though not all that intelligent book wise, Riki has a great deal of understanding of combat and has an impressive skill for understanding things around him in the heat of battle. He is not very strategic though, and this is usually done during a fight when he's already battling, showing he thinks better under pressure.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Riki has trained in martial arts since he was a young man, and continued training to be a vigilante. Riki is capable of fighting groups of people with ease, and isn't afraid to go up against Pro Heroes with martial arts alone. His battle sense makes this even more impressive, capable of understanding mid-combat situations and use them to his advantage

Quirk - Overdrive: Riki's quirk is his ability to activate his adrenal system on his own whim by forcibly doing so, similar to doping. This ability improves his strength, reflexes and speed by putting himself in a state of euphoria surpassing superhuman levels, at least five times his normal strength, reflexes and speed. This ability also improves his ability to suppress pain as well.

The weakness of this ability is that staying within this adrenal state causes his body temperature to rise, so he has the potential to overheat and exert himself, similar to a computer overclocking which means that he can't stay in it long. Secondly, using the ability takes a great deal of energy to activate and keep active, so he can only use it a certain amount of times unless he eats high calorie foods in short periods of time to absorb the nutrients. Lastly, the pain taken during battle will stop being dampened after the adrenaline wears off, not to mention the potential soreness from keeping the effects active for long periods of time along with the overheating causing potentially intense rushes of pain and muscle spasms. Normally, he can only activate this ability twice if he has a full stomach in combat.

History: ...


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