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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: United States

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March 29, 2014


04/15/2018 02:42 PM 

Riki Itou [Boku no Hero Academia OC]

Personality: Abrasive, Confident, Indulgent, Whimsical, Flirty, Reliable.
Age: 22
Quirks & Abilities:
Overall Skill - Though neither a hero nor a villain, Riki has exceptional skill as a combatant and is capable of athletic feats and abilities that befit that of a strong Pro Hero. He is unafraid of top ranking pro heroes, and can hold his own against groups of enemies very well due to experience and skill.

Enhanced Strength - Riki has immense physical strength even without his quirk, being able to carry multiple humans as well as run on the sides of buildings and perform jumps to greater heights than usual for humans.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes - Riki has exceptional reflexes, enough to dodge gun fire and keep track of fast moving foes.

Enhanced Agility - Can perform feats of amazing quickness and balance.

Battle Sense - Due to years of fighting as well as relying on natural instincts, Riki has exceptional instincts for combat.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Riki learned to fight at a young age and thus has for most of his life been an exceptional fighter and with time has increased these abilities further. He is quite capable of fighting foes on his own  whether they are one or grouped, he doesn't care. He can hold his own against pro heroes with just his fists. He uses boxing but understands a variety of combat styles while in battle.

Quirk - Iron Fist: Riki can make his arms, up to his elbows, into steel. He can use this to increase the force of his punches tremendously and protect himself from blunt force or harming his own fists, internally the arms become like steel as well allowing for protection inside the arms as well as outside. The arms take on a metallic sheen when the power is active.

History: ...


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