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04/15/2018 12:38 PM 


The lights in tokyo were always beautiful, that was something that Akihiko could always admire.  Even when life was dark, and gloomy, it seemed like the lights of tokyo could always make him feel better.  Akihiko, being the younger brother of akiro, the head of the onigawa crime family; he wasn’t like his brother.  Did he do bad things? Of course. He had done very bad things, things that he could never hope to be forgiven for.  

But unlike his brother, he felt remorse.  Sorrow. The emotion that he felt more than anything?  Was fear.

A rainy spring night, any other time akihiko wouldn’t mind that at all.  He did love the smell of spring, especially when it was raining; all the smells from spring rolled up his nose, making a slight tickle, reminding him of better days.  But not this day. Oh no. This day was completely different. Akihiko was followed by a group of 12 men, surrounding him, following his every footstep across the street.  My brother, I have to meet my brother! He whispered to himself as him and his bodyguards crossed the roaring street of tokyo.

Where was he meeting his brother at?  A nightclub called the Utaukaze. It had just been recently built, around a year ago.  It seemed like as soon as their father died (the previous head of the onigawa family) that a lot of things changed.  The family itself changed. The codes, changed. People were let go of the family. Family was murdered. He would never be able to change some of these things.  All he could do was move forward, and that was what he was planning on doing.

Akihiko made his way into the club rather easily.  He was a recognizable face, especially being the next in line to be boss; that is unless his brother had a child, and that was very likely with how he slept around; he has always been.  Going through the dance club with the loud pouring beats, he knew where his brother would be. In his own private booth, akihiko made headway, finally meeting his brother, who at the time was too busy making out with the pile of women he had leaning on him.  Two of them being passed out cold against the table, which made akihiko even wonder if they were alive.

“Akiro.  What are you doing?”

The older brother knew that voice all to well.  Breaking his lips and groping with two of the women, he would let his eyes drift over, connecting with his brother in a rather irritated tone.  His voice matched how his eyebrows would curl in frustration.

“What the hell are you doing?  Did I not tell you to bother me while I am in the club?  It’s rather annoying.”

The Akihiro would throw a towel to his older brother, making it land on his chest, spitting out venom as he spoke.  “What is dishonorable is a older brother acting like a child! You embarrass our family. Clean yourself up, I need to talk to you.”

“What a party pooper.  Every party needs a pooper, and that’s--”


“Why we invited you.”


“Party pooper, party pooper!  Haha!”

Akihiro would take a bottle of sake, throwing it against the table, shattering it.  The two women that he thought was asleep woke up in alarm, screaming. His brother moved back violently, looking up at his younger brother.  The guards being alarmed at what exactly was happening.

“What the hell you think you’re doing, man!?”

“Koi, is alive.”

“. . .What?”

“I seen him with my own two eyes.  He’s alive. And he’s coming for us.  If you were smart, you would sharpen your skills with a blade, or guns, to protect yourself.”

“Hahah!  I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh, honestly.  But you and me know that isn’t true.” Akiro would stand up, still dazed from drinking, wobbling back and forth, pointing at his brother with a slight smirk.  His hands formed into a pistol shape, a smirk forming on his lips.

“Bang.  Bang. Bang.  Bang. B.A.N.G.”  He replied, making the last few letters silently, spelling them out with hushed whispers.  His hand would drop back down to his side, whipping back his hair to give a slight laugh. “Please brother.  You come in here, and ruin my party over some ghost story?”

“This isn’t a ghost story, I seen him!”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did!”

“No.  Akihiro, you didn’t!”

“Are you calling me a liar!?”

“I am calling you a fool!  A fool standing here, yelling at the family head!  A fool, who seen me kill koi myself. A fool that seen me shoot him five times in the chest.  You and I both know that man is dead, and the fact that you are having nightmares only shows why father picked me, over you.  You were always the weaker brother.” He would straighten up his back, trying to fix his outfit, looking at his brother from across the table with a face of disgust.  “You will never be like father.”

Akihiro had enough of his older brother.  He would turn his heels, and walk away. A whisper coming out of his mouth as he walked.  “Nor will you, my brother.”




You are the one that doesn’t understand brother.  Koi is not a man. He is a Onyro. A sorrowful, and vengeful spirit.  You can not kill that is dead. What the onigawa did to him? Will only be a fraction of what he will return back to us.  We called him a human. But he is far more terrifying.

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Rain.  Can it ever wash sins away?  Koi always wondered that; no, he didn’t wonder that.  That was something that he wished for, more than anything else in this world.  He wanted to say that sins were able to be washed away so easily, but in reality they weren’t.  He was only a human, or was he? He was brought back to life from a shinigami, so is he even human anymore?  He still felt rage. He still felt anger. Hate. Sorrow.

The roll of lightning crossed the sky once more, lightning up the sky for but a brief moment.  Koi made easy work finding his way into the mansion. He had been in it so many times over the years, that he could read walk it blindfolded (which considering how dark it was, he might as well have).  Regardless of how dark it was, or how many people there was in the mansion, he had a mission that he had to complete.

There was a long hallway, with a few guards walking the halls.  Koi had been hidden into the shadows against the wall for 20 minutes now, waiting for one of the guards to get close enough.  As soon as the guard slightly passed him, koi would grab him, covering his mouth, pulling him into the darkness, only to slit his throat with his azure blade.  The cut was quick and deadly, making no noise. The blood would spill against the carpet, staining it with ease. Koi would grab his hat, and coat, putting it over his body, masking his own presence and continued his way down the hallway.

There were two guards at the end of the hallway, he walked between them, not saying anything.  Another crash of lightning would light up his outfit, and with that very moment of thunder rolling, koi would open up his jacket exposing his golden desert eagle, implanting a bullet in each of the heads of the men before they could even voice anything.  Silencers were a blessing. Especially since there were two people on his list tonight. Two people had to die. A thirst of vengeance.

Making his way passed the hallway finally, and walking down another, he found a door.  He opened it slowly to expose another man that was slouched on the bed, covered with women.  His name? Naoko. A high ranking member a part of the onigawa family. He was one of the men that was there that day, the day. . .

No.  There wasn’t enough time to remember that.  It was time for action. Koi would slowly close the door, shutting it softly.  He walked ever so gently against the carpet, making no sound. Like an ant crawling against the carpet.  Finally when he got to the bed, koi would take out his pistol, and pushing it against the others lips. This of course made the man wake up with a shock.  His eyes opened with a scream, yet his voice was silent. He couldn’t make a noise, he seen a man who looked all to familiar with a finger against his lips.  Who was this man? He looked so familiar. His hazy eyes would soon form into perfect vision.

No.  No f***ing way!  No! You’re dead!  This is a nightmare?  Yeah, that’s what this is!  He would scream inside his head, having the gun inside his mouth.  He tried to say something, but the more he talked the more the gun was shoved down his throat.  Everytime he spoke, koi would reply with a shhh. The gun was shoved so far down his throat, that it started to make him gag.  

“You’re going to tell me, where Akihiro is, or I’m going to kill you right here, right now.  Nod if you understand.”

Naoko would nod, finally having the gun taken out of his mouth, coughing in delight.  

“He’s. . .down the hall, to the right. . .please, don’t kill me. . .you got to understand man, they ordered us to do it!  It wasn’t my fault. I was just doing my job man!”


His fist would crack against the face of the man.  Please, I was just doing my job! Crack!  Another crack against his face. Please, stop! CRACK!  CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! His fist continued to pound into his face.  With each hit, another memory would play behind his eyelids. He could feel the blood of naoko and his own covering his knuckles with each hit.  Every hit, one after another, slowly the man couldn’t make another sound. His body that would twitch, finally started to stop. However every time he hit him, it brought another memory of him and her.  It was like a movie behind his eyes. His pleading would stop, finally laying dead upon the sheets. Koi being covered in blood, holding his golden pistol. There was one more person left on this night.

Akihiro could already hear him come inside his room.  He was in an samurai garment, having a blade resting in front of him.  The sound of the crackling fire was masked by the lightning from the sky.  He knew that koi would find his way into his house sooner, rather than later.  

“I sent most of my guards home, you know.”

Koi didn’t respond.  

“I had a dream.  That a koi fish was able to swim up a waterfall, and became a dragon.  How arrogant, isn’t it. . .Koi?”

Koi would take a few steps forward, covered in blood.  His azure katana in one hand, replying to akihiro’s question.  

“Yeah.  Yeah it is.”

“No.  I can’t say that I do.”

“Well I do.  I remember it clearly.  It was about two younger brothers fighting robot ninja’s.  We all thought it was so cool. You always played the hero, and me and my brother always played the villian.”  He would stop, looking over his shoulder, seeing koi out of the corner of his eye. “My father, loved you, koi.  He loved you more than akiro. That’s why he did what he did. Kill me in his stead. Let your thirst for vengeance be quenched by my death and those that died tonight.”

“I’m sorry. . .akihiro, I can’t do that. . .A few deaths, can not equal everything that I lost that night.  For it to be equal, I have to kill you, and everything he ever has loved, then kill him. That, would be equal.  That, is what I plan to do.”

“I see. . .revenge is a forest, koi.  It is never a straight path. Careful not to lose your way.”

“I’ve been lost since I’ve been back.  I have to cut through bamboo just to move forward.”

That was the last thing that was said.  Lightning sprung across the sky once more as the blades would crash against once another.  A blue azure glow sparking every time that koi would clash blades against akihiro. The blades clashed, scraping against one another like two dragons wrestling with each other in the sky.  The match didn’t take long, there was no running, there was no procrastinating. Akihiro was indeed trained in the ways of killing, much like his father, his brother and koi. But one dragon was destined to be swallowed by the other.  

Koi would bounce his blade against the other, making a wide open spot for him.  Koi would cut through him like warm butter, spraying the blood across the windows in front of him.  It only two a few cuts, making akihiro fall to the ground, covering his chest and gasping for breath.  Koi’s breath was rough, breathing heavy as he walked towards him. Akihiro’s voice coughing up blood as he now looked up to the very man he remembered playing games with.  

“Koi. . .”  The last words would of akihiro, looking at him, seeing now a bright, warm summer day, and a child.  

Water.  Did it wash away sins?  He didn’t know. He didn’t think he ever would.  The water that rinsed down his body, washing off the blood that had been spilled that night.  Was it enough for him? Did he feel complete? No. No he didn’t.  The only thing that was different was the hurt.  The pain that coursed through his very being. The water rinsed down his back, flowing against his koi fish tattoo, washing down every inch of his back.  His head resting against the walls. Was it raining?

No.  Rain wasn’t salty.

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