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April 15, 2018


04/15/2018 09:05 PM 

You know what to do.

I know, I know rules! I hate rules! Well, I hate typing them up or
going over them with those whom doesn't
like to follow by the rules! So, here are some I'd like for you to watch out
for closely.

One: I know my grammar isn't all that perfect, however I do try my best to make it
as readable as possible. I don't like the whole Text talk so, please, don't send me any of
those if you don't feel like typing out the whole thing. That's the only thing
I'll judge on grammar since I know how hard English can be.

Two: I am a pretty busy person at time-to-time since I do work and has up-coming things
to work with in real life, so I'll be on and off of here as much as I can. There are times when I
don't come on all the time however, if you feel like I don't get to
you fast enough; feel free to remove me from your list.

Three: Smut/Erotica accounts: I know those may see fun to do but,
all the time? Really? It gets old... I like
mixing my roleplays up a bit with at least, slice of life, action, adventure, drama,
fantasy and more. However, I used to do Erotica all the time
so don't get me wrong there. Now, I just find it really
boring and bland...
The only time I'll do Erotica roleplays is if my character ever gets taken by someone
she likes. So, if you send me a message or a comment
with a sexual roleplay in it, I'll be sure to block you.

Four: Editing is something I love to do when I get the chance to do so.
So, if you'd like an edit, feel free to ask and I'll gladly edit for you.
However, there are many things I can not do just yet when it comes to
edits... Add on's like Ears and Tails have
always been a struggle for me on my end. But, I can do Tattoos....
Don't ask for piercings, cause I hate those the most.

Five: This is a fun page, meaning no real life drama. If I hear or see any of
that on my page, I'll remove you from my list.
Yeah, we all have people whom we don't like and whom we don't get
along with, but I don't need it on my end.
I might of caused, a lot of trouble on my end, however I'll gladly fix my mistakes
since I'm a lot more stable now than I was back in the days.
Due to not being able to work, and everything else made me bring my problems
online and take it out on a lot of people.
However, it won't happen this time around and I sure hope, that you
don't do the same thing on your end. I like to write and not
stress out on sites like these.

Six: Family members are welcomed at any time! If you'd wish to be apart of my family,
feel free to let me know and we can set up some kind of position
you'd like to be in. If it's Parents, I'm picky on those roles since most people
doesn't like to have children or whatever, so I'll be asking
you how long you'll be on and if you go on a break, do let me know so, I don't
end up giving those spots to someone else.
Twins are also welcomed on my end too! I love twins ♥

Anyways, those seem like easy rules to follow by, right? I do hope so...
If you have any problems with me or my rules, just message
me and we'll be sure to talk it out instead of letting it sit there and build up
more problems.
Have a nice life! and stay safe when roleplaying.


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