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March 31, 2017


04/15/2018 10:37 PM 


I.(Strictly)Despise Drama. Here for Entertainment: Please, I ask nicely to not take role-play personal. It's disturbing and ignorance. Dealing with the likes of judgmental, cyberbully, and so forward with such childish action will be removed. Suggest you use your common sense, this is a role-play for: 
  • Entertainment, creative, action, adventure, horror, sense of humor, creepypasta and performance.
  • Keep Role-play and Real separated. Please, I can't stress this enough.
  • Judge behind the character as I'm going by the character personality or made up is dumb right Ignorance. 
  • I don't have psychic mind power to know what you dislike or like when it comes to discussion.  no communication to let me know then it leads me no choice but to settles this in a friendly manner.
II.Don't mind making Friends. Don't put me involve with your issue:  I have known my friends back on Myspace 2008-present for many years. When it comes to making a new friend and you have an issue. Don't try to get me involve if I didn't believe both of you. Don't mistreat me like a trash and etc. If both of you are trying to get me to turn against one another without evidence, I will remove both of you. I'm barely online and don't know what going on. Here are few things that go to number 2:
  •  I'm a carrying friend when I ask "Are you okay?" If you don't want to talk about it I understand.  
  • I get busy 24/7 and don't pay attention when getting to replies & edit.  if you notice a role-player is backstabbing me, show me evidence, then let me take care of it as an adult by removing them. 
  • When making friends, I'm becoming more carefully. Just because I'm being nice doesn't mean I'm your friend in real life.  
III. My Personality.:  Please do not take me personally! I like to go with my characters personality and stick by it. Sorry if I'm not open up to you fast enough. it doesn't mean anything. Here my outside personality: 
  • Nice, respectful, loyalty, honest, care, like to work things out, understand and lay back.
  • Will not tolerant bullsh*t, judgment, I hate drama and will do my best to avoid it, cyber bullies, miscommunication and etc. In my life, I never have anyone taken me personally for 9-10 years; since back on Myspace in 2008. 
  • All am here for is role-play entertainment and being respectful, not dealing with 6th graders. 
IV. Experience About my RP skills:  Is exalted at best and wishes not to show it off. Can be slothful when my days come from being motivated.  If you have an issue, please let me speak in a friendly manner. To inform you, if you speak to me in a rude manner, I don't care as it comes out the other ear. All I'm here for is entertainment and friends. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years. Anyways, here is the list:  
  •  I do Paragraph, Multiply thro Novella in Organization, Message & Comments. 
  • Crossover are welcome in Organization. No Message & Comment.
  • Definitely, do role-play on my statues wall more often just please don't start Real drama. besides that, you're more and welcome to join.
  • One-liner belongs to Comment & Organization. No Message.
  • Discussion belongs to Organization and Comment. No Message.
  • Greeting Invention & Chat welcome for Comment only. Chat not Welcome in Message. If you have something you wanna talk about in private then it'll be in Discord. It has to be in a friendly manner not rude. the rude message will be Ignore.
  • Receive Chat and Greeting in the message will be removed. 
  • Accept Adult Mature 18+. Meaning, I accept people that act like an adult and doesn't hit on my character, start sh*t, or hit on me for sexual role-play -_-. I will block you if you continue to send me a request after I remove you. 
  • If the discussion that you displease about on organization, please let me know as I don't mind re-discuss ^3^. If not, o well, I don't have time for nonsense. will avoid drama as I'm taken my Consular & Therapist advice. 
V. No Controlling. I do Edit & Layouts For Close Friends: I control my characters. nobody else allowed to control my character.  I definitely do edit and layout for a close relative. Never edit gifts to role-players I don't know enough. 

VI. Here for Fun. Just not much into Popularity: Popularity isn't my style as being here for entertainment stories and doesn't mind making friends. I can be vigilantly when it comes to asking my information all of the sudden such as Phone number, FB, without not knowing each other first. Whether taken step by step. I'll give away my contact Skype and Nintendo 3DXL FC. Please understand, I'm careful, loyalty, and respectfully. I'm friendly just don't like being taken wrongly. 

VII.(Strict)I Do have a LIFE! Being online twenty-four seven isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand that I have responsibilities outside of role-playing such as jobs, college, errands, motivated due to life, art projects, and a mother. Occasionally try to be online to reach for your replies ASAP. Apologize for absent delays. If I haven't replied to your letter yet, this doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. Please do not RUSH ME. I do respect everyone absent due to life, please do the same for me. 

VIII. My Where about: The retirement can occur if verse dies in complete silence, dealing with circumstance outside that cause me to motivate, and etc. This doesn't consider my where about of returning. Usually, return when the verse picks up or life settle in. Going on a hiatus for an emergency, moving, or dealing with the situation from outside is reasonable of my absent. It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Notify you in a small brief info when I begin my hiatus and when I return. Don't like going into extreme detail.
IX.Thrilling Entertainment! Are your interests in entertainment battle, single, double battle? If so, those performances are welcome through statues comments and organization. Otherwise, will not tolerant god mods, an auto hits they're not welcome here. 

X. About the Relationship: Be and gentlemen to put some effort into receiving her heart. I do pay attention if you're taken or not. If your character has taken and I receive any flirtation or hitting, you will be immediately removed. In OOC, you are not to ask me out from outside of role-playing. Why? I never accept real dates off the internet much just very careful. Becoming an all of the sudden friends outside isn't going to happen fast. Gaining my friendship takes time. Please pay attention, if my character and I are taken, I do not cheat, flirt or hit. If I'm Taken in Real but not my character, I do not allow my Rp characters to be taken. it considers cheating unless my Real boyfriend decided to rp then that's a different story. 

XI. This is important: Insist you using proper grammar & literate recommend. This goes for spelling in your best abilities. Understand when it comes down to making mistakes with misspelling just do the best you can. I don't except perfectionist. I'll do my best as well. Using unnecessarily grammar that's isn't noticeable to understand then it's best for me to inform you that your replies will be ignored. 

XII.(Strict) Careful on Joining Organization: I'm careful of whom I'm joining, exceptionally when it comes to those that don't tell you or expect you to be a mind reader of what they're strict. For now, I will be asking. Which it is none of my concern, but to avoid bullies and drama.  

Note: An appreciation for taking the opportunity time read through these guidelines and cannot wait to begin our performance. 


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