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04/21/2018 01:44 PM 

Rules, please read over them.

Hello all, I'd like to take a moment to thank all those that have come here to read what I've posted, these rules are merely here to insure I enjoy my time here. I hope these help you enjoy your time with me as well, I didn't post these to seem rude, bossy, whiney and whatever other reason you've thought I posted them for.

1. Please don't control my character, she's mine for a reason. She will not be brainwashed, "broken" in, mentally controlled or anything along those lines.

2. I do not respond to anything less than a paragraph unless we're discussing a story or just casually chatting alright?

3. My page is Mature due to blood, violence, swearing, alcohol consumption as well as other situations. Please don't assume I do "Adult" content merely because my page is mature.

4. I will not be on everyday, in fact there will be times I'm off for a week or so due to work and the recent birth of my newborn. Those take priority over all else, I will get to replies when I'm able to.

5. I do not accept mutes, numbers and collectors, I have no use for them understand? I understand life get's hectic (refer to previous rule), however if I don't even get a greeting from you or any type of response you're gone.

6. Please everyone both in and out of character be over the age of 18, meaning in reality and in the story. Please don't take this the wrong way but I don't care what your state's "age of consent" is alright? If I don't feel comfortable doing it then I won't.

7. If I don't feel comfortable in any type of situation I will not participate understand? I won't hesitate to mention this to you via (ooc:) and if it's ignored than our story will come to a halt until it's recognized, if there's ever a situation you don't feel comfortable in please let me know and we can address it and figure out what else we can do.

8. If our story is becoming boring, dull or something of that nature please let me know? I'd rather work something out then waste the story all together or loose a friend, also please do think I'll just do "anything" to keep someone on my list. If that's all you're after then I don't mind one bit loosing you, got it? If you want that find it elsewhere.

9. Literacy! Please people I ask you to use at the very most decent grammar, you're on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Smart Phone all in which have access to the internet (obviously) so please use it to look up the spelling of a word if you don't know how to spell it or even the meaning. I do this frequently however I'm not the best speller either and tend to forget as well but still, if I get text talk (b4, u and ur) I will not respond...it's more of a pet peeve but I just don't deal with any of that text talk crud.

10. I have A.D.H.D.! I'm very easily preoccupied and distracted, I forget little details and stuff along those lines. Now this doesn't mean I'm stupid or anything, I'm perfectly capable of understanding situations, descriptions and all that good stuff. I simply just forget more times than not, so if I ask any questions please just remember I have this and it effects my day to day life on several levels, yes this effects my work and time at home as well...it's not all that fun and can be pretty stressful v.v

So far these are my rules and I greatly appreciate anyone and everyone that READS them and not just skim over them, if I need to add more later on I will and I will let you all know via status or bulletin or something lol Let's have fun!


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