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Gender: Male
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Age: 29
Country: United States

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January 18, 2018


05/14/2018 02:56 PM 

The Lost Soul

Full Name | Sin (Last name unknown)

Pronunciation | Like the seven deadly SINS
Nicknames | N/A
Age | Appears to be in his 20’s, Actual age is unknown to him
Gender | Male
Species | Human/Undead?
Current Residence | Wandering, never staying in one place for too long


Height |  5’10
Weight | 120
Skin | Pale white
Eyes | Black inner and Red center
Hair | Black, shaved on one seide
Piercings |
Body Art | Multiple tattoos covering most of his upper body and arms, Remnants of the ritual done to him
Extras | N/A
Attire | Skinny jeans, tank tops, more grunge/punk ripped attire


Traits | Quiet, Withdrawn, Confused a lot of the time, Longing for an actual connection. Can be blunt and open due to his lack of understanding to social ques and feelings in general. His lack of a soul leaves him unfeeling to most things.
Habits | Asking too many questions, tries to understand everything. Will try anything at least once.
Likes | New connections, New people. Having a brand new experience with new people.

Dislikes | Being alone, being made out to be weird or made out to be a freak. Cold people and the dark. He does not like the dark at all.


Orientation | Gay
Marital Status | Single

Position | Very submissive
Turn-Ons | Being dominated, bondage, someone who is assertive, takes charge, MAKES him feel something.
Turn Offs | Quickies, he wants it long and drawn out till hes aching.
Fetishes | Leather, bondage, puppy play, Up for trying anything

Background Story: Sin belonged to a family of witches, a long line of magic actually. As a child he was groomed to be the next in line to learn all of the secrets that the coven had to offer. His mother prepped him mind and body for most of his life and he was left with not much interaction with people or with his own family. He was left alone for long hours to study and research the magic in which he would inherit. But… All of that changed when Sin turned 18 and became an adult. He was brought to some form of ritual and reveled to him was the true meaning behind his years of preparation. His soul was to be offered up to a demon that his family had worshipped and his body made the shell for his rebirth. They were going to kill him. During the ritual however something went wrong and the boy finally came to his senses, the ritual was interrupted and in the process of escaping the boys soul was stripped from him and his body left to wander like a shell.
Flash forward a few centuries and the male is still the same, looks, mindset, everything had remained the same in the years that he spent wandering in search of his soul… The empty shell had taken on the name Sin, he was not meant to be here, an abomination on the planet. Now he spends his time in search of his soul, of feeling again, of making a real connection with someone….



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