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05/14/2018 04:46 PM 

rules are important right?

1.) Messages are for roleplays and conversations exclusive to close friends. You'll know if you are one of course, and if not, then don't expect a reply. Comments are for regular conversations and OOC(out of character), which is the case for most people.<br><br>

2.) Please no drama outside of our roleplay. A little drama is okay for plot progression every now and again, but I personally not a big fan of it, so if any does occur, please keep it to a minimum. <br><br>

3.) Proper grammar is a must for me during roleplaying. I cannot stand it when people don't take the time to just go over your typing if you didn't do it while replying. I no longer except the "I'm on mobile" excuse either. The vast majority of people use smart phones, which spell checks your words with the infamous auto-correct. For those without smart phones and lack the ability to type efficiently, talk to me about it and we can blame technology and "The Man".<br><br>

4.) In accordance to number three, please... PLEASE follow my para to novella type limits. To be specific, I generally accept a minimum of one, 5 to 7 sentence paragraph. I can be lenient with this rule at times, but the amount you type to me is a big factor that decides whether I'm going to keep roleplaying as well.<br><br>

5.) To counter my previous rule, I do gladly accept quality over quantity. Though I prefer multi-para the most, as long as things stay relevant and interesting, I don't really care at all as long as it isn't a one-liner. That will only fly with me once.  <br><br>

6.) During Novella, keep it relevant. We(I) don't care about the moose grazing the prairie if it has nothing to do with the plot.<br><br>

7.) Don't steal stuff please. I'm not that great of an editor anyway, so if you do actually want something from me, or an original of my edit, just ask. I'll gladly do an edit for you, or give you the original to a picture of mine. I'm not an anal prick about that stuff.<br><br>

8.) In fighting rps, I generally tend to steer clear of people that god-mod and all that bullsh*t. I don't really like fighting against other rpers anymore since this current age of roleplayers are a bit too wild for me. I'll gladly fight along side anyone, but fighting against each other won't happen without a good reason behind it. In correspondence to that, don't control my character, blah blah blah, you know the usual thing. <br><br>

9.) I do rp date, and I very much welcome it if it does come along in the rp. I don't cheat nor do I like to be cheated on, so if for whatever reason my character loses your interest, please just say something and there will be absolutely no drama or anything. We can still be friends and no harm done. It's just rp. As far as rl is concerned, I'll just say I'm single to get it out of the way, but I don't really like to mix rp and rl. It usually doesn't end well unless both people truly commit, which I've never seen to this day, so I've kinda lost all hope in that. Now I'm rambling. Moving on.<br><br>

10.) The final rule of all my rules is to just have fun. Talk to me and I'll talk to you and we can have a great time. Whether replies be slow or fast, long or short, the goal of roleplaying in general is to just have fun and enjoy yourself as you piece together stories with others. <br><br>

If you read these rules, next comment or message you send to me, tell me a joke. Not just any joke, it has to be either impossibly corny or extremely offensive to any specific topic. Either will make me laugh, and the more creative the better. Thanks.


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