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May 22nd, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 113
Country: United States

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May 13, 2018


05/14/2018 08:02 PM 

Abilities/Servant Stats




Unending Rage: The Spirit is able to tap into Primordial Rage. This allows the Spirit to take less damage from both physical and spiritual attacks.

Boundless Strength and Speed: The Spirit’s physical strength and speed have no limits. The Spirit can become stronger the more rage it builds.

Extremely Durable: The Spirit’s physical form increase in durability the more rage he builds. The armor is made of Ancient metal that is not magnetic and is Iron-like in texture.

High Speed-Regeneration: As long as the Spirit is able to produce rage. It can regrow limbs and iron flesh in seconds.

Unrelenting: The Spirit will keep the armor moving and attacking until 80% of the Armor is completely destroyed.

Spiritual Touch: The Spirit is able to touch another being soul. This also always it to damage another being soul or touch being with no physical form. As long as the being has soul he can touch them. Anger/Hate Empowerment: The Spirit is able to feed off anger

Damage Empowerment: The more damage the Spirit takes the more rage it is able to produce.

The Gaze: The Spirit is able to peer into the souls of others. This allows it to see their true emotions. This allows to judge the rage within others. 
The Mark of Rage: The Spirit is able to place a mark upon beings it finds worthy of RAGE. This allows the mark being to tap into the Primordial Rage. Allowing them to gain more strength.  

The Lingering Hatred – A Sword made purely out of the spirits of rage. Souls that were unable to release their rage before death. The sword is not a physical object. It is a purely spiritual weapon. It will only be able to cut other spiritual matter. This means if the sword “cuts” a living being it will destroy part of that being’s soul.

If this weapon is filled with rage or placed into the earth to absorb natural energies. The five ruins upon the battle with begin to light themselves. Once the fifth ruin is lit. The spirits trapped within the blade will be released forming body of spiritual mass that take the form of flaming skeleton figures that will act as serves of the host spirit.

Resistances: Fire (Heavy Resistance to Flames)

Soul Manipulate or Destruction

Servant Stats:

The Avatar of Hate can only be summoned in two classes, Berserker and Saber.


Strength: A

Endurance: A

Agility: A

Magic: E

Luck: D


Strength: A

Endurance: B

Agility: B

Magic: C

Luck: C


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