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05/14/2018 11:35 PM 

When The Fall Inspires

Blood dripped, tapped gently against the concrete from the face mere inches away from it. The victim panting heavily, though she showed no signs of having run from anything. Her body began to physically shake there on all fours in the alley she had entered moments before, inhaling in short, shaky bursts and exhaling the same. Her eyes twitched while focusing on the ground before her and quickly losing focus as fast as they had time to register. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. A sudden rush of thoughts served to distract the woman from the blood that was now leaving her forehead, sending her into into silent sadness with eyes wide open. The moment of realization that everything that seemed like known reality suddenly became nothing more than a long-lived facade created for the sole purpose of keeping her in the dark for so many years; Years never to return to her or anyone she had lived those moments with in their duration. Twice-gasping, the woman held her breath with a look of utter terror. Everything...Everything that led to this point was for naught- The very plans she had laid and endured for were nothing more than the plaything of some entity she never had the opportunity to meet.

Buzzing sounded from behind her in the distance from where the encounter began and echoed pointedly back and forth against the buildings in perfect time. The air rushed quickly from her lungs and re-instated the panic held back by the brief moment of sadness that her realization had granted her. The clarity of the moment offered to her the idea that she should try and gain some composure. In response a hand scouted the damage to her face as still-wide eyes darted further down the alley, to and fro. The wound wasn't terrible, but it would need stitches and there was no going to a hospital- Not for something like this, there would always be questions. Again the phone buzzed obnoxiously as a reminder of her neglect. Her head turned this time to look for the phone, causing a sharp pain to shoot in the center of her neck and down into her shoulder. 


The pain caused a response she couldn't control despite trying to remain quiet. Eyes scanned the darkness quickly, attempting to keep some semblance of focus, but there was none to keep for longer than a second. Completely turning around, the woman crawled toward the source of the sound as quickly as she could, leaving bloody hand prints along in a small path toward the dumpster she finally approached. A white light suddenly vanished with the last buzz from underneath. Anxious, the woman attempted to push the last of her strength into crawling as fast as her body would allow. Slowly, she reached down and picked up the phone, which began to vibrate steadily in her hand. The white light returned "Sam- Paradox" centered the screen with a red phone and a green phone below it. She touched the green phone and spoke hoarsely.

"S-Sam...They know."


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