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05/14/2018 11:53 PM 

General Rules for Veyn
Category: Guidelines

♦ Please keep in mind that Veyn is a demon, and will remain a demonic race. I'm not going to be changing her race, her personality, or her behavior.

♦ If you are easily offended by possible "Mature" content including, but not limited to:
-Sex, substance abuse, explicit language, violence, graphic gore, graphic content or  otherwise anything that might flip your virtue button, please DO NOT add me.
-While these themes aren't necessary to roleplay with me, there is a possibility these  might occur (again, Veyn is a demon).

♦ As a demon, Veyn is possible to be contracted to. Meaning, she can technically be yours to command, but her own free willpower and stubborn attitude will make it a challenge. Don't get huffy with me just because you're barking orders at her when she doesn't enjoy being contracted in the first place. To her, the fact that she even allowed you near her speaks volumes on her patience.

♦ This is just roleplay. Veyn can be quite sadistic in nature at times, but that doesn't mean her admin is. Personally, I might come off as standoffish, but please don't assume I'm being rude or dislike you, and if I offend you in any way, let me know and I can clear the issue up.

♦ Preferred length is multi-para, but I can accept paragraph if it's detailed. I don't do one liners or semi paragraph. If you send me something tiny and small, I will respond with even less than you gave me, even if it's one word. (Yes, this has happened, so please don't go under a paragraph.) The only times I honestly accept it would be transitional scenes, or scenes where a lot of detail/action isn't necessary.

♦ If you're bored with the roleplay, or wish to change stories, simply let me know and I'd be more than happy to accept a change or alter the story, even if it means going back a few replies and changing an action, a choice, or switching paths that our characters may take. I'm flexible, don't be afraid to approach me with ideas!


I'll probably add more to this/update it when I can.


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