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05/15/2018 06:12 PM 

Sora Iku

"The bastard child" as proclaimed silently by many in the village of Fujin and a shrine maiden who held Yuki-onna blood within her.  Sora was none too pleased with his surroundings considering how most of the children would avoid him.  His mother Iku and only a handful of children paid him any mind.  He beared it until his mother's death when the village was sieged for weeks on end.  Following her death a great rage as well as sorrow took him, his somewhat tan skin becoming like the fresh powder which fluttered down like the blossoms in late spring as his elbow-length raven locks faded to join his skin only to be followed by his iris.  The Yuki-onna blood within him woke up... nay dominated his blood.  While he trained somewhat in his mother's skills he was nowhere near as skilled as she was, but he had plenty of fighting experience because of the other children.  The snowfall increased as he pulled out his pair of kusarigama as he vanished seemingly merging with the night's snow.  Morning came and crimson painted large areas of the snow as well as statues made of ice.  Sora was nowhere to be seen at first glance due to him essentially blending in with the snow.  He was merely sleeping off the fights he was in the previous night, but woke to the smell of burning flesh.  He looked and spied they were burning all the Youkai who were found dead just outside the village.  He went home and gathered his stuff then returned to the fire to see that they tossed his mother in with the Youkai.  He pulled her corpse out of the fire then took her out and buried her near the shrine before leaving the village.


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