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May 21st, 2018

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Country: Japan

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April 17, 2018


05/16/2018 04:21 PM 

The Law

001. I don't owe you anything. - I am not obligated to accept your friend request, regardless of mutual friends/verse. I am not obligated to respond to you in a quick manner (or even at all). I am not obligated to roleplay smut with you because of the kinds of pictures I use. I'm not obligated to do anything so please don't come to me expecting things because it won't get you anywhere.

002. Patience is a must. - I can't even begin to express how important patience is when it comes to interacting with me. I work full time and go to school almost full time so I won't have a lot of free time to spend hanging around here and quite frankly, there are periods of time when I just don't feel like roleplaying. It's nothing personal, I promise. My replies have been known to take a month (or sometimes even longer) to get to so if you have a problem waiting for replies, I suggest we don't roleplay. That doesn't mean we can't do banter every now and again or be friends out of character. The fastest way to get kicked off my profile is for threatening to delete me over not talking to you so please just be patient.

003. Discord is a plus. - If you want to get in contact with me, the best way to do that is through discord. I am way more active on there than I am on ani and, truth be told, I actually prefer roleplaying there as well since I am prone to frequently deleting and remaking my profiles. I most likely won't post my discord publicly, but if you come to me and ask for it, I will give it to you. The only rule I have regarding discord is that you actually have to use it to talk to me. If you add it and aren't talking/roleplaying with me on it, I will probably delete you.

004. IC vs. OOC - My characters may act interested in you in character, but please don't think that means that I'm interested in you out of character. I'm not interested in dating online and I will not make exceptions on this rule. Please refrain from asking me personal questions as they make me super uncomfortable and you're not likely to get an answer out of me anyway. Don't let this stop you from befriending me out of character though! I promise I'm nice, I just have trust issues.

005. Shipping - None of my stories will cross over or effect one another. If, by chance, the stars align and your character does end up in a relationship with one of mine, it will only be in that roleplay. This is a multi-ship account and I will not change that to suit your needs. What I do in a roleplay with someone else is none of your business. This being said, I would very much prefer to only do serious roleplays with multi-ship writers/characters. If your character is taken (or will be taken in the future), please don't ask me to roleplay. Again, this doesn't mean that we can't do random/small banter from time to time.

006. Side Characters & Profiles - I typically have more than one account at any given time. The most important ones/mains will always be listed on my profile. I'm bringing this up because when you roleplay with me, you roleplay with all of my characters, not just one of them. For example, if you roleplay with Boss, you will undoubtably roleplay with Titus as well and vice versa. I also have other characters that will pop in and out of my roleplays from time to time. If you are interested in roleplaying with any of them, please let me know.

007. Roleplay 'No's - The following list are things that I will not, under any circumstances, roleplay: school, coffee shop, parks, locker rooms, pools, beaches, shopping areas, incest, AB/DL, lolis, shotas,  animals, 'bitch breakers'. More will eventually be added.

This completes my list of rules for the time being. Please be advised that more rules will be added at my discretion.


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