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06/07/2018 09:14 PM 

Fantasy-based RP ( Action/Adventure/Gore)

* Prologue *

" Is.. Is it over? "

Hollow words echo throughout the concealed cavern as the lips that part seep with the blood of his own wrongdoing. For now the trespasser found solace in the fact his death came at the hands of an entity beyond time, or at the very least so he was led to believe. After all what else could the living embodiment of death be? If not the manifestation of evil than what? A god? Regardless there was one thing he knew for sure & that was his demise.. It had come. To say the least he was disappointed in the fact he couldn't injure the creature at all & even now it flutter those wings of his vigorously in the distance, mocking him before taking a bite at more than his pride. " Come at me already you twisted f***! I've lost the will to fight!! Kill me.. " Bellow the high-elf whose words fell upon deaf ears as the beast in question persist with its lurking, allowing its poisonous gaze to fall upon its prey momentarily behind the veil of darkness before finally swooping down in one elegant motion.

Meanwhile a black pixie dust emanate from its vibrant wings, coating the victim in a ebony blanket that forcefully induced a powerful hallucinogen that in most cases involuntarily provoke the infected to recount there worst nightmares. This was the power of a monster capable of toying with ones emotions, pulling the strings behind the marionette in order to achieve the ultimate verdict. Death. However like any good serial killer it relished in the foreplay of a kill, toying with its doll for hours on end until finally granting it the sweet release it so desperately yearned.. Suppose in the eyes of a creature with the power to destroy civilizations everything was beneath it, which is perchance the reason it lack the ability to feel sorrow.

Crimson orbs now gleam at the sight of the elf whose eyes slowly drift off into another world, most likely the one he wish to forget & as the memories began to flood the elf would make a last minute decision.. Uttering the final words. " You.. lose. " Intriguing last words to say the least as the fae arch it's brow with curiosity; Only than the realization that his prey bit his own tongue struck as the elf's body began to convulse violently before finally submitting to the death he wished for.. Pints of blood now exude from the lifeless husks mouth which result in the fairy to throw something of a fit as its wings collide with the rocks of the cave, the aura it had managed to keep restrained until now emit from its core which inevitably cause everything within it's radius to turn to dust underneath the pressure of his mana.

" Oura nak tami! "

It roar in its native tongue as the hive mind within insist on pestering the beast.. " You fail us yet again champion.. Now what will you do to quench our thirst? " The beast said nothing in response, it's slender physique finding the cave to be too cluttered for its tastes. " Rai nak tut. " Without further ado the fae would snap its digits, causing a rift in the air to be formed as it respond by diving head first into it, quickly being welcomed by the embrace of the suns light as the exit just so happened to be the rifts destination. Now outside once more the light would reveal the fairy for what it was, an archaic beast past its time as its demonic demeanor certainly didn't help it assimilate into modern society. After all in this day & age everything that didn't evolve to walk on its own two feet was considered taboo or simply a supernatural blunder that needed to be killed via a bounty.. Times were hard on creatures of the past.

Still that didn't cease it from existing which is why the hardheaded Sidhe managed to prosper during these times of peace since the people had grown naïve in there new world.. Ignoring the creatures that lie in wait within the darkness, thus leaving him to pick at them whenever it saw fit. Sadly this method was slow since most of the livestock tend to reside within the safety of the kingdom walls which claimed to be under the providence of god himself.. Though when taking into account the numerous species within those walls the fae couldn't help but ponder if whether or not all those ' gods ' were one in the same. Hell at one point in time even he was referred to as a celestial, among one of the many pagan gods with his ordeal aligning itself with death. Hence the nickname ' King Of Death ", a presumptuous title I know but over the years not many had been born capable of denying said birthright.

" Enough banter we must find another source of food.. And I think I see something! "

* Prologue End *

Within the distance an orc could be seen grasping the hilt of a large pickaxe he used to mine ore with, his glistened with sweat chest gleaming in the reflection of the suns gentle embrace as an exasperated sigh slip past thick tusks; " He's late. Again. " Not like he was particularly surprised, I mean in this day & age not many were keen on keeping up with schedule what with how fast things progress.. Anyway as time ticked his notoriously tardy assistant ' Driftel ' would make an appearance. At first conflicted with whether or not to make an excuse for his absence yet finding the whole thing pointless once taking into account just who his boss was.. After all in spite of the numerous advancements in both mining & technology itself this relic of a man found it imperative to stick to the historic ways of the orc, finding any use of futuristic assistance to be disrespectful to his ancestors. " Late again are we young cub? That'll be a dozen coins docked off your next pay, now grab an axe & chop some wood for the fire. " The boy let loose a sigh knowing full well that throughout the empire of Svarko people thrived and relished in the prosperity and fortune brought about by the improvement of mankind yet here he stood hacking away..

" Ya know everyone else I know has certain tools to help things get done allot quicker you know? "

The orc merely scoff, unmoved by the elves words. All things considered it must've looked odd for a dark elf to be under the wing of an orc, after all just a few years ago everyone had been at war. The nations split apart by racist bigots incapable of using there brain over brawn.. Who knew all it took was a human and a promise for a better future for the fighting to stop; That promise you ask? Evolution. Or in simplest terms the information provided by the inner deepest ruins of the elder dwarves, an advanced race in itself that had long since gone extinct due to there own greed that had entrapped them within most of there caves. Destined to never be seen again until there tales prompt the exploration of a five-nation hand picked group to delve into the crevices of the world, there finding that day paving the way to the future that now exist.

" I don't care what those imperialist own! We do things my way or no way! Besides you look famished a little muscle wouldn't hurt that elf body of yours. God forbid a spell need arm strength.. "

Back in the day that would've been a totally acceptable thing to say but now that was the equivalent of someone spewing a racist slur and almost instantly the bossman knew he was in the wrong.. Still it didn't explain why Driftel stood in utter silence, seemingly in awe of something past the horizon as his aquatic hues fixate upon the silhouette of a winged figure. It's elegance drawing closer with each passing second as the two blacksmith's stood perplexed by the sight of a monster such as this, historic in appearance and demonic in aura. Needless to say the pixel dust it's wings emanate left them feeling at ease as it's charcoal coating left there bodies weighing lighter than ever, whatever anguish they had toward one another now dissipating as the mythical being drew forth. It's elongated horns providing solace where they once thought safety could not be derived from as the blank expression from its face imply neutrality.. How wrong that assumption was indeed.

" Orak Na mune, oo nagi. "

Ancient rhetoric fell upon deaf ears as the two buffoons persist with there glaring gratification until finally with a flick of its wrist the fae would activate the dust that lather the two moments before. An odd reaction bestowing them as both began to fall under the effects of an hallucinogen which first show them there fondest memories all the way to the things they crave to keep locked away. Finally when the performance had rear its ugly end the creature would maneuver its ' strings ', hoisting the two marionettes up to the stage for there final act.. " Ma nuk ubtune. " And just like that the expression of horror plaster upon there faces as each of there bodies began to convulse, foam now beginning to form at the mouth as pulsating veins burst from outside the fabric that was there flesh. " Delicious.. " For the first time the entity spoke in the universal tongue, seemingly intrigued enough to do so as its mind raced with how tasteful the two would be now that they had experienced true fear as there limp bodies lay sprawl against the cement.

" Shall we partake in the feast? "

Echo the hive mind whose sole purpose was to remain a constant reminder of his Sluagh Sidhe heritage, hell if not for them he wager he'd be a normal guy working a normal wage just like these helpless mounds of flesh. Oh well, not like he was one for formalities let alone the sentimental things in life which is perhaps why he persist with the dissection of flesh, stripping away the unnecessary excess skin with such precision you'd think him a medic. Afterwards with haste he'd make an incision along the abdomen, seemingly prepared to take a bite before something unusual happen.. When pressed up against his blackened claws a large array of light flash vividly before his eyes, manifesting itself into an orb-like shape as the other body followed suit. " Oh how I love souls.. " It's mouth now exposed itself to be filled with rows of hundreds if not thousands of miniature teeth that welcomed the taste of the freshly stripped souls..

" Sour. "

Yet another lackluster meal that would be incapable of lasting them the day let alone hours.. What would it do now? Almost on cue the lights from the inner kingdom flash before its crimson orbs, the sounds of life fill the creatures ears as he estimate it'd only take about half a day to get to the city.. In which case it would need to go along the route of espionage if it wished to maintain vigilance. Abandoning his true visage in trade of a somewhat normal one that grant him the ability to assimilate into modern society . This ' human ' mold consist of newly dyed snow-white hair that scratch at the nape of his neck alongside crimson hues that were symbolic of his supernatural origins; Pair that with a stature of 6'5 and chiseled chest & you got yourself a porcelain god in the flesh. Suppose being as conceited as he was became a blessing overtime due to the numerous amount of woman he'd managed to lead to there doom with this façade.. Oh the sweet nectar that was a bitch in heat never cease to amaze him!

" Focus. "

Ah yes, many to kill, many mouths to feed.. Time was ticking and the growling sensation of hunger had already begun to sing its wicked tune. " I think I should've waited abit before trading in my wings for these godforsaken legs.. " The time it would take to get the kingdom doubled now that he had this ' baggage ' yet just as his venture began the plunders of fortune shine down upon him in the form of a horse, presumably the dead orcs. " Well I guess you'll be needing a new master, yes? Lovely. " And thus his journey began.


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