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Jack (Kuro)

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June 25th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: United States

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March 29, 2014


06/11/2018 04:38 PM 


Name: Izzy
Age: 25
Complexion: Dark
Height: 6"2'
Occupation: Holy Knight
Allegiance: Camelot

Battle Stats: 
Before Training
Magic - 10
Spirit - 500
Strength - 1200
Total: 1710
After Training
Magic - 10
Spirit - 800
Strength - 1500
Total: 2310

Weapons: A pair of "stronger than steel" knuckle dusters.
Power: "Fist King" - Improves the destructive force of the user's punches tremendously, passive.

Combat Skills:
Izzy is an extremely capable and powerful Holy Knight, with strength far surpassing that of the average Holy Knight. He was a prominent fighter in Camelot, however after certain situations began to happen, had to go into hiding and improve his combat skills to face the enemy. As a result, he became more powerful and dangerous, particularly being strong for a human.

Izzy focuses on hand to hand combat, and mostly uses his fists for battle as well as a variety of evasive and dodging skills to fight. Izzy has an impressive physical strength, though is noted to have no strong magical potential.

Izzy is made even more powerful in combat by his Power, "Fist King", which empowers any strike that uses his fists as a medium in combat and is a passive ability. This gives him an edge in combat improving the force of his punches considerably, and it can be taken advantage of by his use of Knuckle Dusters to further amplify that strength.


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