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Special Week {Horse Girl}

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August 15th, 2018

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June 11, 2018


06/11/2018 05:32 PM 

Spe-Chans info


Special Week




Supesharu Wīku

Other Names




Date of Birth

May 2

Place of Birth





158cm (5'2")

Three Sizes

B79 W59 W57



Special Week (スペシャルウィーク, Supesharu Wīku[1] is one of the main protagonist of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She was a simple country girl that lived in Hokkaido with her adoptive mother. But then moved to Tokyo alone and matriculated to Tracen Academy. Although her clumsiness is an obstacle to her confidence, she received an instant liking from the audiences after winning two races in a row. Under Trainer's guidance and training, she is taking steps closer to her goal to become Japan's best horse girl.

However due to Silence Suzuka's fracture injury, she became overly obsessed with her and spent too much time on assisting in her recovery. Her goal also shifted into simply running alongside Suzuka in a race rather than her original promise made to her mother. This caused her to overlooked the importance of training and lead her to her defeat in the Takarazuka Kinen[2]


Special Week is well known for her bright character and positive thinking. She manifests an invincible fighting spirit and strives as much as possible to accomplish her goals. Despite getting frustrated sometimes, she never gives up. Although she is a cheerful horse girl, there are times where she is nervous and often freezes as she swims through her thoughts. She can be unaware of her surroundings whatsoever when she is worried. But the feelings of uneasy does not stay long as she will find ways to turn things around.


She is a loving, adorable horse girl slightly smaller and more overweight than average. She has bob hazelnut hair, white bangs and a plait across the back of her head with a lavender ribbon tied on it. She wears a bow with the same color on her right ear as well. Her eyes are rose purple and always seem to carry a joyful, excited expression.


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