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June 25th, 2018

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June 11, 2018


06/12/2018 01:58 PM 


  1. I do para to multi para; i don’t do or accept one liners (unless i’m doing crack or ) and it’s rare for me to do novella. i like some detail or as much detail as i know is necessary. if my response lack some detail or sound boring, i apologize.
  2. I’ll do any genre besides gore (i’ll make several exceptions though, depending on the anime/manga/video game that contains gore ; ex: mortal kombat & drifters) i really enjoy or would like to do are action, adventure, fantasy, supernatural, horror, historical, and modern. If you need my age to prove I can do 18+ roleplays, I'm twenty three; Carina is older than she looks but don't expect her to have sex or be affiliated with it just because her father is Eros; She's a lover of love.
  3. For our characters to get together into a relationship, they need to have chemistry.
  4. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it.
  5. Drama shall never be tolerated unless it’s roleplay wise. believe me, i’m a super nice person c: so don’t feel threatened or scared. as an oc, aus are especially encouraged, like storylines outside of the Kid Icarus storyline.
  6. I accept crossovers as long as i’m familiar with it. i don’t think i can keep up with most of the things that others are interested in x3x if you want a list of the fandoms i can put my muse in, you can go check under my other links.
  7. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, especially alone so help with that would be the best thing on earth.
  8. I have skype and discord (i use discord way more than skype), so if you want to add me on either one, you can ask for it, but a fair warning: i really don’t talk much out of character. it’s not that i don’t hate you; i don’t talk much. don’t take this the wrong way though. i’d love to be your friend c:
  9. I feel the need to bring this up, and it’s a bit of an add on to rule 6. i constantly get worried about people who don’t take kindly to me either because i’m just normally rping with someone, or because of no reason at all. i’ve had experiences like this in the past and these things continue to scare me. for example in as short of a description as i can make it, i was part of a community here on tumblr and while roleplaying a particular canon character (i’ll call him king), someone who wasn’t even rping a muse within the same anime as i was (he had a character from some game), started having a fit and causing drama. i believe it was just because king was getting attached to a muse from the same anime (i’ll call him bingo just because where my muse falling head over heels for bingo). the worst part were the followers this person made, and i received a fine handful of anonymous hate comments and even death threats. if you have a problem with me, at least talk to me. don’t make yourself look like a whimpering victim who tries to make it look like they did nothing wrong. like i said, i’m not a threat. i’m known to be pretty chill online, so i’m not the kind of person you should worry about, or someone that anyone should be calling a ‘trigger’ in their life. so if you have a problem with me, please come talk to me. i don’t need enemies. (super sorry for the long rule xox )
  10. I’m not exclusive, so if there are doubles of a character i’m roleplaying with, i’ll roleplay with them because everyone has their own portrayal of a character, and i like seeing that.
  11. If I sent the friend request, I will be the one to send the starter. If you sent the request, you will have to send the starter. 


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