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06/12/2018 03:47 PM 

Anubis in DC/Marvel Comics

Long ago in the distant land of Egypt ruled a host of gods. Each given a job to oversee and fulfill without question. The god Anubis ruled over the underworld for a time, until Osiris took her position. Lord of mummification and embalming, eternal guard of the tombs and judge of the deceased. For millenniums Anubis worked diligently, but as time passed so did they fade away into mythology and legend. With so few worshipers they had grown weak. Only able to fulfill their jobs in Egypt and Egypt alone. 
Anger, hatred, disgust, suffocation, resentment, only a small amount of the feelings Anubis came to feel. Tired of it all the god abandoned their post, fleeing to the living realm.  Now in the current era the god simply did as she pleased. Until the wrenched Titans disrupted her plans. She desired to rule the city, swarm it with the undead. Forcing people to worship her and become her servants. She sought a kingdom risen in her name, one that would engulf the world. Then she would seek vengeance on her once fellow gods and finally be truly free. The Titans however proved to be a difficult obstruction.


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