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Ts'av, Butcher of Kalisandria

NICKNAMES/TITLES: Butcher of Kalisandria
GENDER: Male. (Varies)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral.
AGE: 30 (Varies)
RACE/NATIONALITY: Mutated Changeling. Former Kalisandrian citizen.
CLASS: Cia'Tag
HEIGHT: 5'11 (Varies)
WEIGHT: 175 lbs (Varies)
MARKINGS: Body riddled with scars.
PHYSICAL FEATURES: Pale skin, elvenesque ears. 
RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: Anti-authoritarianism. Existential Nihilism
ENEMIES: Too many to count.


Ts'av is a changeling, allowing him to assume the appearance of other humanoids at will. This ability combined with his background as a spy has instilled in him the habit of constantly altering his appearance to better suit him in the pursuit of his goals. Despite the myriad guises at his disposal, Ts'av typically shifts between a handful of forms that are most familiar to him (and easiest to assume). His most frequent form is a pallid, nigh cadaverous man with long, bleached tresses with golden ends. The gaunt elf's high cheekbones and ashen skin hint at a Drow heritage but he lacks any other distinguishing features of the race. His eyes and lips are tinted very dark as if kissed with ink. 


(Note: Incomplete)

Ts'av was an extremely skilled spy and assassin for the kingdom of Kalisandria. In fact, his excellent work played an integral role in the prolonged peace that Kalisandria has enjoyed. One day, Ts'av was tasked with uncovering information regarding a secret military operation rumored to be underway in the neighboring kingdom ruled by the Mad Queen Boletaria. The arrival and subsequent discovery of a would-be assassin led to Ts'av's eventual capture. Seeing how hard he fought in the face of overwhelming odds, Boletaria decided to conscript Ts'av into the very operation he had come to investigate. The things he experienced would change him forever.

Ts'av was one of thirteen other individuals, mostly criminals and traitors to the kingdom, who were placed through countless grueling scientific and arcane experiments to transform them into obedient weapons for the kingdom. For Boletaria's avarice had become all-consuming in those days, and she would no longer sit idly while Kalisandria enjoyed the riches and prosperity that she coveted. The thirteen subjects grew close to one another, helping each other deal with the physical and psychological trauma inflicted upon them by the cruel and unethical practices. Many died before the completion of the trials. 

Only three of the original thirteen survived by the end of it but they had no desire to become weapons for the Mad Bitch. So they planned an escape. Things didn't go well, and two of them ended up being captured again, leaving Ts'av as the only one to escape. He promised that he would return for them one day but has since taken to wandering from place to place, truthfully too afraid and tormented to ever return. King Rhodes Kalisandrus III of Kalisandria was the only one who accepted Ts'av upon his return, most likely due to him possessing enough insight to see the value of having the man's newfound abilities at his disposal. Unable to cope with his new, disfigured appearance and the memories of his ordeal that haunted him, Ts'av left Kalisandria to travel the world. He now stays on the move to evade Boletaria's agents who hunt him day and night, and to find a place for himself in this world - and a means of ending his tormented existence. 

He has since taken up the cause of liberating the oppressed and downtrodden in any way he can. Liberating slaves, breaking up gladiatorial rings, and even attempting to topple governments that he believes are dictatorial. The way he sees it, he wasn't able to save himself from the machinations of a tyrant, but that doesn't mean he can't do the same for others.

Lady Audrassa of Periath, Witch's Bane.

FULL NAME: Audrassa Belgorr
NICKNAMES/TITLES: Lady Belgorr of Periath. Witch's Bane.
GENDER: Female
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good.
AGE: 25.
RACE/NATIONALITY: Aasimar. Periathan Noble.
CLASS: Hexenjager. War Cleric.
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: Surprisingly Light for Height.
RELIGION/PHILOSOPHY: Polytheistic. Kord - God of War, Strength, Combat. Chaav, the Smiling God. Lastai - God of Pleasure. Lyris. God of Victory, Fate.
OCCUPATION: Hexenjager. Adventurer. Mercernary.
AFFILIATION: Order of the Axe and Cross.
ENEMIES: Plenty. 
FAVORED WEAPON: Her morningstar, Sasha.


Audrassa wears half-plate armor with a complex pattern of branching lines etched into the metal's surface, and a helm with images of freshly picked wildflowers (Chaav) engraved on both sides of its circular metal headdress. Beneath the half plate, she wears a flowing dress made of midnight blue silks that leave little to one's imagination (Lastai). She also wears textured earrings of gold inlaid with rubies that hangs from her the lobes of her long, feathery ears. Beneath the dress, on her midsection, she wears leathers around her legs that signify her allegiance to her patron deity, Kord. The Holy Symbol of Kord can be found on the center of her breastplate and shield, both flanked from all sides by the intricate lines of Lyris. Her family crest (which can be found on the back of her breastplate) consists of a pair wings of an eagle radiating behind a spear made from the wood of a simbalÄ«. 


Audrassa was born in Metropolis of Periath, the stronghold of the Coalition, along with her older brother and older sister. She was born to privilege among the nobility. Her parents were minor nobles whose wealth came from the deeds of an ancestor of hers who was a great champion in the last war between the Coalition and the monster collective known as the Vendrian. Her family serves a higher baron but lesser nobles serve her family in turn. Her family owns their own hereditary land including three manors and titles. She grew up in a large manor and her parents were paid tribute by peasants and Yeoman who worked their lands. 

Her childhood was fairly ordinary, with no major blessing or catastrophe—a stark contrast to an adventuring life. She lived her life in anticipation of growing up so she could affect the dull backdrop upon which her mundane life was painted. Now that she's grown, it's easy to miss those tranquil days where nothing ever seemed to happen. The reason her childhood was marked by such mind-numbing dullness was that she was born as an Aasimar to a family of humans. Aasimar were a rare occurrence throughout the land of Udall and were often sought after for their potential to harness potent magic - a resource that was heavily regulated throughout the lands despite its abundance due to the region's history with the Silent Mages of Wildhardt. Knowing what knowledge of her nature becoming public would mean for their daughter, Audrassa's parents taught her from a very early age the significance of her gifts and how to keep them hidden from all eyes except those she trusted most. Unfortunately, their concern for her safety led them to shelter her growing up, robbing her of the rich experiences that painted the childhoods of many people she came to know as she matured. 

Her military path began when she was nearing adulthood. Audrassa saved the life of the local Baron from a would-be assassin, an act that invoked such gratitude in the elderly noble that he knighted her. Her family's status likely influenced this event but the immense gratitude of the baron secured a place for her in Periath's standing army. Audrassa already had aspirations to join the military because of a relative who inspired her to carry on the family tradition, so her military career was marked by her attempts to step outside of that ancestor's shadow and make a name for herself. She carried herself well in battle and is remembered as a hero. She has received medals and recognition for her skill and bravery in battle. During her time in the military, she quickly rose to a position as a second-in-command to an accomplished military commander, even commanding her own troops in battle. When the Commander was present, everyone listened. From her, she learned how to make people listen, make them see reason, and keep them in line. 

At some point during her military service, Audrassa encountered a powerful spellcaster who delivered an embarrassing defeat, decimating the troops she commanded. She had grown to consider these men and women something like family and the effortless destruction of her forces (even with their experience with magic users) left a permanent scar on her reputation and her mind. What was once indifference to wielders of arcane magic festered into a prejudice (and some might even say a disdain) thereafter. She soon retired from military service and joined the organization known as The Order of the Axe and Cross to help rid the world of dangerous magic threats. There, she began her training as a Hexenjager. 

The first time Audrassa held a magic weapon and felt the thrum of arcane energy within, she knew that magic and melee were meant to be joined. Since that moment, magic weaponry has become symbolic of the most potent syntheses of her magus training. During a visit to a temple of Kord, she had a supernatural experience. She visited a holy site and felt the presence of the divine there, who viewed her favorably due to her prowess in combat. She felt compelled to pledge her fealty to Kord, god of war, combat, and strength. She has since adopted other gods into her personal pantheon. Each of these deities and the domains over which they preside reflect a different aspect of her core personality and their symbols can be found in her attire. 


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