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Setting Information

Okay, so the story would take place on this continent called Udall, which is on this planet called Exandria. Feudal era I suppose, but more like renaissance Europe in terms of its tech and a lot of the world features. Udall is a continent whose history is wrought with conflict. Wars between the Vendrian and Coalition have been fought since man's arrival on its shores.  The Vendrian is the name for a collective of various "monstrous" races (such as Yuan-Ti, orcs, goblins, etc) that populate Udall. The Coalition is the name of the alliance of humanoid races (elves, humans, dwarves, halflings, etc) that united to push back the hordes of monstrous races. Both sides nearly destroyed each other prior to the intervention of the Silent Mages of Wildhardt, who used their powerful magic to cast a spell that effectively hid the true appearances of every Vendrian across Udall. Of course, no one knew this, and it seemed as if the Vendrian just disappeared. 

What had actually happened was the creation of a powerful illusion spell that gave the Vendrian an illusory form identical to one of the Coalition races. This ended up creating something akin to piece until decades later when the abandoned tower of the Silent Mages was searched, revealing the nature of the spell they had cast. This sent Udall into a period known as the Great Hysteria, producing mass paranoia as people begin to question whether their neighbors, friends, and family were really who they claimed to me. Eventually, though, both sides learned to accept their situation and live under an unofficial peace agreement known as the Yinkia - The Masked Appearance. Vendrian can change their appearance to and from their true forms at will (though this takes great effort, prompting most Vendrian to maintain one form for long periods of time), but many choose to maintain their illusory forms so long as they are in areas heavily occupied by coalition races.

What has followed has been an uneasy peace between the two factions but there are those on both sides who would see an end to it and a return to war and bloodshed. Lots of political intrigue. It ranges from mid-tier to high-tier magic depending on where on Exandria you go, but certain forms of spellcasting are heavily regulated by a council of mages known as the Council of Nine, if not forbidden altogether. The Council of Nine's military arm is an organization known as the Order of Axe and Cross (from Vin Diesel's Last Witch Hunter), which is one of a few factions I'll be working with heavily in the verse.


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