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Máṥt́ę́ŕ Nếḿéṥįś {Dark Matter}

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"Nemesis' Biography"
Category: Stories


Generations of research and hard work had paid off since the creation of the original transform weapon and the subsequent weapons made after following the original's design. One of the final projects had spawned what could be the most powerful weapon yet dubbed project "Nemesis". This was before the galactic organization had been long disbanded permanently. The group tampered with deadly elements as they made use of a rare substance, dark matter, in the making of project Nemesis. It's properties costed many casualties until a young girl was created after many attempts yet the condition Nemesis was in brought the conclusion that the project was likely a failure and was soon frozen. The very method used took a different step than what it took to create the generations of weapons prior, those of which were based on the design of human beings. Nemesis came about but took a different form than she currently has, only as a thought entity with no physical body, even after the project was shut down after her creation, for the meantime she would gather intelligence while wandering the laboratory for the next couple of years. Apparently, for being created using dark matter, Nemesis' body became fragile as the result but her intact intelligence compensated for it. It didn't take long until she crossed paths with another weapon of the organization who awoke sometime after the base was destroyed, a girl by the name of Mea Kurosaki. Promising to lead the girl as a pupil to her teachings it allowed her a perfect vessel to stabilize her own existence in secret. By this time, the planet they were on had already suffered incredible damage and was split in two. Nemesis investigated the anomaly and her discovery lead her to find out the original weapon was responsible. Thus it sparked the inspiration for her and Mea to begin their travel to Earth in hopes to find the weapon, Golden Darkness, and awaken the dark power inside of her. For reasons unknown, Nemesis wished to use the true power of Darkness to recreate another Great Galactic War and destroy the political rule of the Deviluke king that helped take down the organization.

-Nemesis meeting Mea-

~The "Eden" Organization~

In the bustling black markets throughout the universe, an underground network was founded under the guise of a harmless medical center for pharmaceuticals to aid other neighboring planets in the Talha Galaxy. However, in the underbelly of their operations the staff secretly create weaponry which other planets make use of by creating their own black market. In order to keep anonymity and assure to keep their secrecy, the base of operations for Eden is located in the "Garbage Dump" of the universe, a wasteland of a planet dubbed Kild. Those affiliated with the organization worked endlessly to provide weapons of all types and for other reasons such as if worlds were at war and required tools, but their crowning achievement was manufacturing living weapons who could alter their forms at will for combat. This line of weaponry had began after the creation of the original weapon by the researcher, Tearju Lunatique, using her own cells. They followed a strict guideline that all the staff followed, one such rule being if anyone dared to question their ethics and means of operation then they were to be eliminated. Controversy surrounding their actions would soon lead to an incredible war called the "Great Galactic War" which lasted little over six generations long. Eden possessed overwhelming technology most planets wouldn't overcome alone so this sparked an alliance between countless worlds under the rule of the Deviluke kingdom, one of the most powerful races in the universe. Together they managed to disband the organization for good but following their destruction, a powerful force had split the planet in two which only further caused havoc of what remains of their base. Apparently, a lone assassin by the alias "Black" also played a hand in Eden's unfortunate fate sometime after. 

-Creation of the first Transform Weapon, Eve-

-Eden Organization Scientists-

-Planet Kild split by Eve-


Her most common appearance is that of a young and petite tan-skinned girl, assumed to look around 13 or 14 in age but her true age is unknown. She has black hair reaching down to nearly the length of her own body, also having golden eyes with the pupils looking just like thin slits. Due to her power of body manipulation she can change her form at will, looking even like another entity or an animal, especially giving herself a matured form. The only attire she ever wears is a simple silk nightgown oddly preferring no undergarments for reasons unclear. But since arriving to Earth she's also taken to often garb a festive black yukata with a cream-colored sash and a star-shaped crest clasped onto the belt of it, which is more or less an insignia for the Eden organization. On occasion she will prefer a disguise when out in public, garbed in nothing more than a black and red version of a school uniform, coupled with changing her skin to a lighter tone along with shortening her hair length.

-Nemesis' Common Attire-

-Nemesis' Yukata-

-Nemesis' School Uniform Disguise-


Nemesis is a mischievous, clever, and domineering individual as well as being mysterious in nature. She has a strong belief in the fact that a weapon's only way of living is to kill instead of feeling human emotions. Because of her high level of patience, Nemesis has made a habit of observing others from the shadows rather than revealing herself and interacting so she apparently opens up to others at her leisure, albeit on rare occasion. She also seems to possess an eerie and erotic side to her, finding amusement in other's misfortune and even acting out often on impulse. 

-Nemesis showing Dominance-

~Powers & Abilities~

Her lack of physical stability has unfortunately left her to avoid as much confrontation as possible. But she still possesses the same level of transformations, or even more, than all other weapons made before her. Nemesis' physiology compared to Mea and Yami's are fundamentally different by the fact she was composed of dark matter rather than nanomachines like her peers.

-Trans Fusion-

This is her own personal ability only she was born with which allows her to fuse herself with any other living entity. Since she encountered Mea, she's resorted to inhabiting Mea's body since then to "Stabilize" herself. By doing that she could watch and hear everything that happened around Mea from inside her while at the same able to cast the illusion in Mea's mind to make it seem they are interacting face to face in the physical world. It is said that when she possesses a host body this way that they are absolutely unable to fight off her powerful influence, it is even strong enough to let her alter the host's body to mimic her own physical body while sealing off the victim's conscience. Compared to other methods of bodyjacking, Trans Fusion makes Nemesis literally one with the host body she possesses rather than controlling them from the outside. 

-Nemesis Possessing Mea-

-Mental Manipulation/Body Jack-

Using unknown methods, Nemesis is capable of briefly brainwashing or possessing the minds of lesser-minded individuals no matter if they were conscious beforehand or not. The victims then give off a zombie-like appearance and are borrowed a small fraction of her own strength for combative purposes, with this level of brainwashing she is even able to speak out using their body.

-Students Brainwashed by Nemesis-

-Transformation Ability-

Every other weapon created by the organization were born with this power, most of which could vary depending on each generation. Nemesis was no exception since she too was born with those capabilities but only thanks to dark matter which allow such transformations. However, her level of transformations is unclear since she had an unstable body.

-Nemesis creating a Yukata with Dark Matter-

-Hair Manipulation-

The hair is a most common use of displaying transformations with for any weapon. She can form either weapons such as simple blades or even small tools as a key to open locks this way. 

-Body Transformation-

One prime difference Nemesis has than any other weapon is the ability of changing her form to mimic an entirely different person altogether, just for merely a disguise if she desires. As well as even altering herself into the appearance of a small animal like a bird or a cat. But Nemesis still possesses the simple transformation powers also, for instance to give off a matured figure with the alterations. Another instance is being able to shape clothing over herself or making them vanish. 

-Vocal Imitation-

Along with body manipulation, she can even alter her voice to perfect the disguise of another person that way so she may sound like anyone. 

-Body Dispersion-

Being that her body is made up entirely of dark matter it allows for her to dematerialize and materialize at will from a cloud of dark matter. Even in this form, she is capable of creating weapons instantly through whatever amount of matter is near as though to make an extension of herself in mist form. 


Thanks to what her body is made out of, her body can regrow lost limbs due to the modified dark matter. As long as a part of her physical form remains it is possible for her to regenerate as much as an entire half of her body no matter the damage she sustains. This ability has a drawback however. If in a prolonged fight when she gets harmed repeatedly to the point of constantly relying on regenerating, it will weaken over time and put her at risk of death before disappearing permanently. As long as this trait isn't overused then she will be able to withstand any overpowering attacks. 

-Energy Manipulation-

It isn't evident in her current capabilities but as a user of dark matter manipulation, Nemesis' matter would gain all control of cosmic energies and gravitational forces to an extent. She could manage absorbing said energies as well for great power. 

-Nemesis appears in a cloud of Dark Matter-


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