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My Characters

If you guys want to rp with any of these characters please specify who, otherwise I'm probably going to default to Tsukiko since she's my kinna just go to character at the moment.


Amelia Mizrahi - A very kind-hearted and sweet Pokemon trainer who runs a Ghost Pokemon Sanctuary. Her team consists of all the Pokemon who help her maintain and keep order within it. 

Pokemon Team: Zoroark, Lucario, Phantump, Haunter, Liligant, Audino

Rosette the Vulpix - A rather sweet and somewhat cautious Pokemon who enjoys participating in Pokemon Contests or running around and exploring on her own.

Ayame the Mew - Ayame's my Pokesona with all the qualities of a Mew. Child-like, curious, sweet, friend, kind, you name it. 

NieR: Automata:

13S - The first ever female Scanner model who's serious when she's working but in her downtime she's pretty down to earth. She enjoys reading, singing, and playing the hacker arcade games.


Tsukiko Shimizu - A young woman who was born in a village full of demons until her and her family moved away to a more human oriented one. When she came of age, her parents sent her to a Nobleman's home to work as a handmaid for his family.

MLP:FiM - 

Crimson Rose - A young mare who's an art critic part time and a worker at a Rent-A-Friend in Equestria full-time. She seems to be rather neutral to the point that people think she's always serious but, she's actually just really relaxed.

Quick Sew - A Ragdoll Pony made with Unicorn magic who lives with her Creator somewhere inbetween the Badlands and deep in the EverFree Forest. She's actually really hyper and kind of a neat-freak but not compulsively.

AMNESIA: Memories -

Atsuko Maki - Atsuko is an American transfer who moved to Japan a few months ago after getting her name changed to a more appropriate one. She’s still getting used to the language and culture but she knows a few words and is practicing a few of the customs when she can. Once she got settled, she immediately started to look for a job and luckily got hired at a maid cafe.


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