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07/09/2018 10:13 PM 

Category: Guidelines


So, some rules.
First off I would like to say that its sad I even have to write these as they should mostly be common sense, I would think....yet here we are.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA. Of any kind. I hate it. Even when it involves my characters and other parties, unless explicitly planned out and agreed to by everyone involved. I've been dragged into those situations before unknowingly, and it is not fun. I know most roleplays have to have a bit of drama or they get boring, but please discuss it with me first, especially if it involves a love triangle or anything of the kind, between my character and others.

2. NO GOD MODDING. My character is my own and I will use him however I wish. You can not make him do anything I don't want him to do, so don't f***ing try. I will delete you.

3. ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS. First off, Derek is Gay, through and through. That means no chance of a Heterosexual relationship. Sorry ladies. Also Derek is loyal. If he is in a relationship with someone, he will not stray. So don't think you can force him to. In any way, shape, or form. Unless explicitly discussed with all parties involved, including whomever Derek is romantically linked to at the time. Let me just add in here that I am not here for erotic roleplays. I understand, it may happen at some point in a roleplay. That's fine. But it must have a story to go along with it, and it must end in our characters becoming romantically attached, again unless previously discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved.

4. I AM NOT DEREK FROM TEEN WOLF. This isn't really a rule, it is more of a distinction people can't seem to understand. Derek Jones is a character of my own invention. And yes, he just so happens to be a werewolf. Their characters may be similar, but they are NOT the same. That's all.

5. CONCERNING MCRP ACCOUNTS. I won't roleplay with you. I refuse. I'm sorry. It gets too confusing and I prefer single character accounts in general. It is much easier to keep track of. And I feel with an account like that, you don't have your full ability focused on any one character, so roleplays begin to lack or stop completely. I'm not saying this can't happen with single character accounts, but it is most prominent with Multi-Character accounts, and I'm not here for that. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone with such an account, feel free to delete me if you wish. I am willing to participate in chit chat, however. 

6. REGARDING DEREK'S PERSONALITY. He is a bit of an a**hole, I will admit. Don't take anything he says to heart, it does not in any way reflect my RL personality or how I will treat you in OOC. I am a very nice person usually, so do not be afraid to contact me. He is usually of few words, meaning most times he will reply with some sort of action unless he deems it necessary to speak at all.

7. last but not least, RP and RL. Lets keep them separate, yeah? I do not mix RL with RP, or vice versa. Anything that happens in RP stays in RP. I am not looking for a long distance relationship of any romantic kind in RL, so please don't ask. If anything I am only here to make RL friends. That's all. I have tried it before, more than once, and they all ended badly so I am done with them.

Subject to change if the need arises.


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God Of Calamity


All good got yeah

Posted on Mon Jul 30, 2018, 16:24

Unholy Hybrid❣


Read and understood although I really care not to follow them but shall if only for your benefit. 

Posted on Sat Jul 14, 2018, 00:51



Rules Read & Understood.

Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2018, 03:16

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