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07/10/2018 12:23 PM 

Kobaruto Hikin
Category: Stories

Kobalt is a shapeshifter, being able to shift into any living organism that isn't a plant or insect so long as he can control it (since spiders and scorpions aren't insects, their fair game). This can include prehistoric creatures, however the concept itself has not been completely tested using fossil DNA. Not to mention, the raw immense power they hold could overtake him wiping away any humanity he might've had left. He is also able to attain characteristics without even taking the full form of another animal or human (such as the ears of a cat or the eyes of a hawk). At times, the attributes of some animals or humans even bleed into his own DNA causing him to obtain abilities most humans could not normally acquire (at least not naturally). He also can't shift into another creature unless he's interacted with them in some way making it quite difficult to shift into a celebrity or a lion. Though, to be fair, it's not like he hasn't thought about using the identity of someone famous to get something he desired.

Kobalt is quite tame and understanding. He has a lot of patience along with a high range of tolerance and plenty of stamina to go around. However, he's quiet and prefers to be invested in his music. This causes him to be antisocial while his headphones block out the world. That being said, Kobalt has acquired quite a few forms already from both people (some even by accident) and animals as well. Just a quick trip to an interactive zoo where they let you play with a gorilla for about an hour and there you have it.

Ultimately, he desires to find peace within himself, acceptance from others, and where this power came from. Kobalt was born with the ability to shapeshift and has spent his young life trying to control it all. This has caused him to lose people in his life physically as well as destroy friendships and relationships entirely.


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