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07/10/2018 10:17 PM 

OOC Is Serious Business
Category: Guidelines

🍳 Rules, Preferences & Disclaimers

Hello! The admin/mun's name is Kitsune. A first-timer in here but not to roleplay. Just noting some rules, preferences & disclaimers before adding/accepting me or staring a roleplay with me:

  • Be literate in the roleplay or at least be understandable for me to work with.

  • No text talk in the RP.

  • Don't rush me! I'll reply as soon as I can. I'll let you or anyone know in advance as much as I  can if I can't reply to the RP within my time limit (3 weeks to a month) or yours.

  • No Drama IRL! RP drama is a-ok if planned. Otherwise, keep it to a minimum.

  • No God-modding (controlling someone's character without consent).

  • Separate RL with RP please. I can't stress this enough.

  • Both parties should brainstorm or discuss a plot or something that can start the roleplay.

  • Roleplays in the messages, OOC in the comments so it won't mix up. Alternatively, if you have Discord. I placed it on my profile so you can add me there for that purpose.

  • Inactive RPs will be disregarded and deleted after 3 weeks to a month (unless stated a reason as to why for either letting me know in advance or through your stream/bulletin post). Same goes to mutes! You are also given a chance from 3 weeks to a month but after that, you'll get deleted.

  • Respect is a must, applies to all.

  • Sexual themes, while permitted, is not mandatory. So if you added me just for that, you came to the wrong RPer. Also, if there are fetishes, it must be kept to a minimum and not overly bizarre. Apparently I don't favor heavy BDSM. Light bondage and some dominant play or something subtle is enough.

  • No extreme violence, gore, vore, abuse and all very triggering that stuff! I'm totally not okay with it! I'm only fine with dark elements (not too heavy), violence if it has action, a bit of fighting, some blood then and there or badass stuff.

  • Once Raeger is taken, he's taken hun. No cheatin'. So unless he's taken, you can flirt with him and may be suggestive. He'll have his fan service moments but that doesn't mean you can get into his pants! That's reserved only for his darlin'.

  • No below-mature-aged RPers/Characters please. I won't always include too mature themes but it's best if I roleplay with fellow adults.

  • Don't ask me to make edits for you because I can't edit and I am just a roleplayer site.

  • Don't ask me for my personal info. As much as I permit OOC on occasion since I gave out my Discord. I won't give you any. I made that Discord specifically for RP purposes with occasional OOC.

  • Do let me know if I did something you may not have agreed with or have concerns RPing with me! I have my own shortcomings as an RPer too so it's perfectly understandable.

  • Yaoi/Boys Love Themes

  • Third-person RPs

  • Multi-para + RPs (No less than that)

  • Crossovers, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, and Most genres as I can more-so likely make Raeger blend in on most settings/genres (which we can talk about for the plotting). I just used a default AU background for him.

  • Romance that build up, not just out of the blue. Applies to sexual themes as well (if permitted). Even so, romance doesn't always have to be in the RP, just as long as it is permitted and build up. That I can respect since I didn't go here just for that.

  • A plot going on in the RP, of course

  • 20+ RPers, 17+ Characters

  • Being IC unless stated as ooc ("OOC:")

  • Occasional casual or "just for fun" RPs via posts/streams (everyone in my friend list may join in)

  • This Raeger (from the game "Story of Seasons") is AU, not cannon. I made him in AU (albeit just a few differences) for my preferences.

  • As much as I prefer multi-para+ in RPs, I can only write so much as multi-para (min of 3 paragraphs and max of 5-6 paragraphs with 5 sentences). I tried pushing through my limits and it didn't went well. So for anyone expecting me to go more than my limit or novella, sorry but no can do or I might go nuts writing and writing.

  • English is not my main language so expect some grammar errors on my part. I'm no Veteran nor perfect but I am capable to be literate and understandable.

  • I'm selective in adding/accepting. Do respect that I have preferences and won't always want to add more to have more RPs and so do you and other RPers.

  • I do not own the character "Raeger", he is from the game "Story of Seasons" by Marvelous AQL & XSEED Games. I DEFINITELY do not associate myself with the character. I also do not own the images and resources in my profile nor imply I made them. They simply stand in as reference for a canon character. I looked for images and information through Google.  I only tweaked the layouts, snippets and the character to my liking.

    That should be it. It was longer than I intended to be though but I really tried compressing it down to my actual concerns and how I RP so that at least we have an understanding. With that said, if you have anything against it or can't comply, best not to add me or delete me if I added you/you accepted my request.

    That would be the best for both parties. I won't throw a hissy fit so best if you won't too because hey, this is just RP, nothing more and nothing less. But if you're okay and cool with that, comment below that you read and understood so I could keep track. If you have questions, you may ask so I may clarify. Thank you for taking your time to read and or welcome aboard!

    P.S. I have the right to block you or delete you in my friend list if I see fit and if this isn't acknowledged or followed. I'll still let you know if I have concerns that weren't acknowledge and give a second chance though but that's that. No more, no less.

    Layouts and snippets credits:
  • Vicarious
    Zero Dusk


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    Read & understood Buddy!

    Posted on Thu Jul 12, 2018, 00:16



    Read & Understood~!

    Posted on Wed Jul 11, 2018, 07:38



    I have read and understood Friend 

    Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2018, 11:19

    Forget Me Not


    I have read, and COMPLETELY agree to everything. You won’t gave problems from me. 

    Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2018, 10:46

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