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07/10/2018 09:28 PM 

To all those suffering

( ooc: In all my years of roleplaying, I've seen many sad people and people running off because others have done them wrong on so many levels. I've seen admins lose their cool on others for dumb reasons and even get into arguments with the rpers. Happens everyday, but what doesn't happen near enough is something to comfort the victims after so I'm making this post. Maybe it will do something, maybe it won't. Anyway here goes, this is from everything I saw.

I am not doing this to be wise, or because I'm depressed or anything like that. This isn't aimed at anyone as I said before. It is out of all the rp wrongs I seen over the years. There may be more but I haven't thought of it yet. It's simply an apology, or my best attempt to all those who been wronged in some way. )

I am sorry that you were taught kindness, and that by bringing into the site you get classified as boring and not worth it without a fair chance.

I am sorry people never have time to greet you, but they always have time to ask for a share out.

I am sorry that a lot of you struggle to make above ten friends, but you end up watching a giant hypocrite of a community add everyone who you see posts about which makes it seem like the worse you are, the more friends you have. So I'm sorry that being a good person doesn't pay off for a lot of you.

I am sorry that when you finally do make a good friend, for some reason or another they end up vanishing from the site without even so much as a good bye.

For people in verses, I'm sorry hat people require special friends or just too impatient to play and stay within a verse. Most verses never stay alive since people tend not to wait long enough, especially if their buddy not rping it with them, or when people not they feel it's not enough. No on is patient enough to try and build up.

For those who had dreams of carrying an oc to a verse, I'm sorry that people auto reject you ontop of if they did add you, they are always assuming their character stronger and not giving fights a fair chance.

On the other side, I'm sorry that when you do open up, ocs flood you with stories that don't make sense, or overly involve their oc in the plot of events that should be forbidden causing you to branch off a bit further as your canon character if you wish to rp with them. Both sides screw each other here often, so their back to back.

For older rpers, I am sorry that a majority misunderstand your headline. The myspace thing if you are like those I met are just a way for you to find others from those days. Many misunderstand and jump to the conclusion your just mentioning it for the wrong reasons and get upset about it. Many don't understand that when myspace fell, a lot of people got split off and only a handful of people heard of roleplayer or some other site. Myspace to this site's days have been quite a while so people from those times may not full remember each other. Though it may not always work, the title can be a way of hope to find others from that era. They may find a long lost friend. Not everyone with it uses it for show off reasons or whatever a lot like to assume.

Traps, I am sorry that a lot of females not only look at you like a piece of meat, but they want you to change and be someone you didn't plan on being just to get some attention, yet their fine with not changing anything for themselves to cater to you.

I am sorry to all the actual good males who can't find anyone because males aren't interested in males unless yaoi, and females won't add on their own like 80% of the time due to assumptions or disinterest to begin with. Unless your some special guy everyone wants, example doomfist when he first came around.

I am sorry to a majority of the site that people fail to be open and accepting. Looking for more reasons to reject, ignore, block than to be friends.

Sorry people don't care about who they hurt because it's the online world.

I am sorry to those who trying to get better, but get instantly blocked because some people don't know how to be happy that someone is trying to talk to them. Because their too busy trying to control how a person greets them. Everyone hates controlling rpers, yet sadly it's okay for them to control how a person greets and talks to them. (By the way I get it. Someone greeting with "hey how are you" is basic and it will probably be your 1000th time hearing it since being on the site, but at least they are talking. At least wait until the rp begins before you judge and decide.)

I am sorry to those who meet those weird people who ask you to do something they know full well you won't do and then throw a fit and start drama when rejected.

Same goes for genres, sorry people get upset when their favorite genre gets denied. They stop talking and want nothing to do with you which in the end just wastes your time. They come with a one track mind and have no backup plan or a will to work with you.

I am sorry to those who constantly get added by people who just only look at the picture and spam click add without even taking a second to read the rules only to act like your the bad person when you show it to them.

I am sorry to all genders that there are those people who give each gender a bad name and make it that much harder for you to gain any friends because of the actions of other people who know they should of been on another site. ( I can't name the site name, but I been watching it. People who appear on that site appear here too. )

I am sorry to all people who just want to find someone special (not necessarily a rp relationship, just a good friend.) and can never can. So many status streams of people having fun and you don't even have one person replying to you. I can only imagine how much that must hurt.

I am sorry to people who got a friend list of those who always forget to reply back, you go through so much to make sure they get theirs but tables turn and they'll put you off until they forget and then make an excuse when it takes less than 10 seconds to flip a page and check.

On the other side I am sorry that you sometimes meet people who would be asking or rushing you for a reply every hour even if you already updated that you are doing something.

To artists, I am sorry that editors use your backgrounds and character art and claim it's their hard work just by changing backdrops and colors on a program that does it for them. Not all are guilty of this as many do say it's just an edit, or don't claim it as theirs. Just a few do.

I am sorry to those looking for new people to meet only to see the same few people remaking accounts over and over. Or just coming back as different characters. It makes it hard to see who may of denied/block/hurted you in some way and who is actually someone new to meet.

I am sorry to all fighters who can't get a good fight going because of the fear of losing a fight, or the amount of god modders in those rps.

I am sorry to those who can't get a rp going because the other is just making you do all the work while thinking of nothing of their own. People you have to be open, if someone adds you, at least think of something. If you add someone as a canon character and can't figure out how to get them into your verse, then jump off your verse. Just because you are from there, doesn't mean the rp has to take place there.

I am sorry to who open themselves up to rp relationships only to get cheated on and given such poor excuses as to why. Too many lack respect for bonds.

And finally to the community, I am sorry that so many are judgmental and not giving many chances. I am sorry it's so hard to make good friends and get rps going. I am sorry that many would leave without saying goodbye and form fake bonds. I am really sorry for the state this site had allowed itself to become.

Do not give up if things are hard for you, keep trying. Do not sit in a corner to yourself sulking about how things are, get out there and try your hardest until you can't try no more. Too many just give up without trying, do not be one of those who give up without putting forth any effort.


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