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真実, Kurakage

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July 10th, 2018

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July 10, 2018


07/10/2018 08:01 PM 


1. I do not own anything in the Naruto verse. I do not make money from writing here, and all credit goes to Masashi Kishimoto and his great idea of Naruto.

2. Do not jock my content - what I make on this site is usually made between either myself or someone else who has helped me with it. If you want something, just ask rather than take it.

3. Real life does not equal roleplay. There is a thin line between reality and roleplay that I think people forget. Don't mistake reality from fantasy, it might do you good.

4. Do not rush me for replies or get needy with them, if that happens I will ignore you on purpose and or possibly block and delete you.

5. No text-talk during roleplays, I suppose we all had 3rd grade english and can write at least at a basic level of understanding writing, so please be literate and don't spam me with text-talk unless we're simply joking around.

6. No god-modding, this is especially true since I have a village to run. If you want to spar or fight with me that is fine but auto-hits and god-modding is strictly forbidden.

7. No drama. This is strictly a drama free zone and if you attempt in any way to bring drama to me about someone else or what is being said about me, I will block and delete you.

8. I expect the same amount of effort put into roleplays as I put into them. If we're not both at 100% then the roleplay gets boring and stale, and I don't like stale, boring roleplays and I'm sure neither do you!

9. I don't particularly care how you get ahold of me as long as you respond in a timely manner, I will of course return the favor by responding when I can and as quickly as I can.

10. I will not roleplay with anyone below age 18-19 for the purpose of this I will check your age and make sure you are of age before roleplaying with you, I don't like to roleplay with little kids anyway so there's that.

11. Personal info will not be given other than discord. If you want my discord, just ask for it and I'll share it out to you.

12. As for the length of the roleplay I do paragraph / multiple paragraph roleplays in which I collaborate with another writer.

13. You add, you talk. 

14. Don't treat me like a number. I will have monthly clean-outs and if you do not speak up or get ahold of me for a roleplay within the time you have added me, I will be deleting you as a friend on the monthly clean-outs. Sorry not sorry.

15. I don't do one-liner's and one-worded responses - don't expect me to put effort into something that won't go anywhere.


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