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July 16th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: Japan

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July 10, 2018


07/10/2018 07:35 PM 

Category: Guidelines

1) Out of character only to discuss the story. I rarely respond to starters. I only discuss through private messages, so no comments please. 

2) Length: from para to multi para only. Keep in mind that the longer you write the longer it will take me to reply, which it brings to number 3..

3) I will try to answer as fast as I can, please be patience. Sometimes I can be busy like everybody else, or I don't know what to write at first.

4) I'm open to most genres, although Erotics need to be discussed, and can't be the only motive of the story, and also I expect both to write in third person during the roleplay.

5) Last thing: no drama, let's respect each other. I'm here to enjoy good stories. 


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